Pinterest Challenge Day 23-25 (4th of July Pins)

July 11, 2013

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I’m back.  Did you miss me?  I have been working on my Pinterest Challenge but I am just now getting around to blogging about it.

Be prepared to get Patriotic!

Day 23:  Firecracker Licorice

I saw this on Pinterest a LONG time ago.  In fact, it was one of my first pins when I joined Pinterest.

Cute idea! Perfect for watching fireworks!

This one was really easy and the kids enjoyed helping me!

All we did was cut some scrapbook paper into small strips.  Then we grabbed 5 red vines and wrapped the paper around them.  One piece of tape and Viola! they were done.  We took these with us everywhere we went before during and after the 4th of July.  We handed them out at the Clement park fireworks, the parade at my parent’s neighborhood, and even swimming lessons!  They were a big hit.  We still have a few bundles sitting around and the kids love grabbing one and scarfing them down.

(warning: I got a new camera and I am still learning the settings and fine tuning my skills so some of these pictures aren’t as perfect as I would like them to be).

Day 24: Sparkler Shield

When I saw this, I thought “genius”!

Sparkler Shield... keep those little hands safe this summer.

Little kids (especially my little kids) are always afraid that the sparklers are going to burn them.  So I had to try this out.  All of the kids LOVED this (even the big 10 and 12 year old).  It made sparklers even more fun as they didn’t have to be worried about it burning them.  I will definitely being doing this again next year.  All you need is a red solo cup (cue song) and something to poke a hole in the bottom.  Slip the sparkler in the hole and light it up!  Easy peasy.  This would be great for really little kids too.  The big kids kept pretending that they were Captain Hook.  It was a HIT!

Don’t mind the cyclops eye on JJ.  He took a fall a few days before and got a nice big goose-egg!

Day 25: Patriotic Strawberries

Haha!  I saw this one on Pinterest, but never pinned it.  I had pinned this one instead, but it is the same concept.

Confetti Strawberries

I just used white chocolate and blue sprinkles to make it patriotic!  These were fun, festive and easy.  I wish I had a better picture, but it was getting dark outside (and you know how I do just about anything to avoid using a flash) and I didn’t have them in a pretty dish.  I had to snap a quick picture before everyone dug into them.   They were very delicious (despite the horrible way they look in this picture).  Very sweet, but very delicious.

We had a lovely, but crazy busy 4th of July. I love 4th of July.  It is one of my favorite holidays.  Most of all because there aren’t any huge expectations and we usually just do things spontaneously.  On the 3rd the kids rode their bikes 4-5 miles (mostly uphill) to my parent’s house.  They had a blast even though it was a really hot day (and they were riding in the hottest part of the day).  Then we set up the tent in my parent’s backyard.  Next we headed to Clement park for the fireworks show there.  It was a good time with friends, family and thousands of little gnats (better than misquitos).  After the show (around 10:30) we headed back to the grandparents to “camp out”.  All 10 Luebckes and Lords hanging in the tent.  A good time was had by all (although it was a short night).

We then got up to decorate our bikes/tractors and get set for the Bear Creek Ranchettes annual parade.  It is a great parade with bikes, tractors, atvs, old fashioned cars, horses, etc.  The only thing it is short on is spectators.  Everyone in the neighborhood gets out and participates in the parade, but that leaves no one to watch it.  No matter, everyone has fun.

After the parade, the kids rode their bikes back to our house and then headed back for some swimming.  We swam with all of the cousins and had a great time.

We then headed to Mimi’s house for dinner and more fireworks.  Are you exhausted from reading this?  Trust me, we were exhausted after 2 REALLY full days.  All in the name of fun.

I hope you had a wonderful time celebrating our great country and that you maybe had some time to try out something from your Pinterest boards.

These pins on my “Holiday” and “Recipe” boards.

Pinterest Challenge Day 23-25 (4th of July Pins)

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