Mother’s Day

A few (9 or so) years ago, my sister and I got the brilliant idea of making a collage of pictures for my mom for Mother’s day.  Most moms are hard to buy for, so we thought this would be great.  It was a big hit.  We did that for 2 years and then we decided it would be a better idea to get professional pictures done of all of the kids together (since it hard to get candid pictures of the kids together).   Our first set of professional pictures only had 3or 4 grandkids in them.  Mom loved getting pictures of the kids.

From there, every year in May (the craziest month of the year) we would go to a walk-in place and have the pictures done.  It wasn’t too expensive (as we always got the smallest package we could- but would still cost probably $30-40 each) but it was limiting as far as posing, backgrounds and the photographer (some of them were pretty new to the photography thing) and we only got prints (no digital files which I hate).

Three years ago, I was just starting my own photography business and I decided to take the pictures myself.  It was HARD!  The kids don’t like to cooperate when Auntie/Mom is behind the camera.  The first few tries were tough and last year I had to do 2 separate sessions and I wasn’t really happy with either of them.  Ugh.  However, I persevered and this year…..nailed it.  Finally the kids took me seriously (despite the fact that we did it on Easter Sunday after they were all sugared up) and I was very happy with the outcome.

We decided to go with a baseball theme since most of the kids play (or have in the past) baseball.  I loved the bright colors of the shirts I found.  I am finding more and more that bright colors are the key to a beautiful photo shoot.  If in doubt of what to wear….go bright! (mom note: my kids wore these shirts ONE time for about 3 hours.  They all got huge stains on them which I am still working on getting out.  Seriously.  Hopefully the bleach pen will come to my rescue).

Happy Mother’s Day Mom!  You are a wonderful and amazing mother who has taught me so much.  You taught me to be confident, loving, crafty, creative and you have been a great role model for me while I am raising my kids.  I love you mom.  YOU ROCK!  I hope you love these pictures as much as we do.

So if you are wanting some pictures of your kids (or perhaps your kids with their cousins), give me a shout.  Maybe I will even do a cousin special.  Let me know if you would be interested in some special cousin pricing!   Your mom/grandma would LOVE it.

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