The Bugoci Boys- Lakewood Family Photographer

May 12, 2017

We barely fit this session in.  It was pouring rain with huge gusts of wind about 45 minutes before we took these pictures.  So we postponed the pictures a bit and waited for the sun to come out (cue the song from Annie).  Last time I met with these boys it was FREEZING and we barely got any pictures before they were too cold to continue.  So I was so happy when it all worked out this time.

These boys were a pure delight to work with!  That is amazing considering one is 18 months (the toughest age to photograph in my opinion) and the 3 year old didn’t take a nap that day.  But none of those things mattered.
These boys wandered around, smiled, played and smelled the flowers.
All of the rain has made everything so green and beautiful!

Seriously, I don’t know that I have ever gotten so many great, smiley pictures from kids this age.  They were so happy and loved smiling for the camera.

Those big brown eyes and eyelashes make me swoon.  

Such a sweet boy.  So helpful, good big brother and a great listener!  He just has a little sparkle in his eyes.

Darlene even got in on the action and was smelling the flowers.  Or more accurately having flowers shoved in her face.  

Must be a pattern.  Everyone got flowers shoved in their face.

This session made me so happy!
At the end of the session we found a little puddle and Darlene was game for letting them jump in the puddle.  They didn’t really jump but ran through it instead.  They were pretty wet in the end, but the pictures are purely delightful! 

Doesn’t it just make you want to go jump in a puddle?

Happy Spring Everyone!
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