Littleton Family Photography

What is one of the perks of being a family photographer?  Being surrounded by family members that are good-looking and extremely photogenic! When Chris and I were dating and got married, I am pretty sure one of the reasons we chose each other was based upon our families.  We are so incredibly lucky to both […]

Littleton Family Photographer- The Fillhart Family

Denver Adoption Photographer

Adoption has always been near and dear to my heart because my oldest nephew, Noah, is adopted.  It was such a joy to watch my sister walk through that process and be there along the way.  Last May, I did newborn photos for Jill and Dan and little Gus.  At the time I couldn’t give […]

Riordian Adoption Hearing- Denver Photographer

Littleton Family Photographer

Are you ready to smile right along with this adorable family??  Good thing.  Because this family is sure to bring a smile to your face! Not sure if you know, but I am now working part-time doing all things creative at my church and it has been so much fun.  It has pushed me to […]

The McComb Family- Littleton Family Photographer

Denver Family Photographer

When Ambyr reached out to me and said she needed new family pictures I did a little happy dance in my kitchen!  I have known Brian and Ambyr for years and I did a session for them a few years ago.  But they are seriously the cutest family ever and I have been dying to […]

The Kirkpatrick Family | Denver Family Photographer

Denver Family Photographer

Hello Friends. Guess what???  I am featuring one of my all-time favorite families today.  The Griffins have been so loyal to me and every session I have with them just keeps getting better and better.  If that is even possible. It is hard to believe that I have been photographing little Josie since she was […]

Denver Family Photographer | The Griffin Family

My favorite thing is when my worlds collide!  For example, when a family that I have known for years becomes a LiLo family!  It is simply the best.  We already have a connection and it makes the session even more fun and relaxed than usual. My middle son and Tate (their oldest son) have been […]

The Rust Family- Denver Family Photographer

Wow!  What a year!  2019 was a year for the books for sure.  As I entered into my 8th year in business, I continued to learn, grow and take some of my all-time favorite images.  I shut down the wedding side of my business, started a stock photography side business and forged a new path […]

LiLo Photography Best of 2019- Denver Photographer

Every once in a while (it needs to be more often) it is important to shoot for fun.  With no restrictions or guidelines or purpose. Rising Tide is a group of creatives that come together to form community.  I haven’t been able to participate as much as I have wanted, but this fall they put […]

Headshot Swap- Denver Branding Photographer

Boy do I have a treat for you on this fine Christmas Eve!!  I have been dying to share these images with you, but the Browns were sending out Christmas Cards and wanted these to be a little surprise for their family and friends.  So I had to wait!!!  Brittany, hopefully all the cards have […]

The Brown Family- Littleton Family Photographer

I have really come to love helping other business owners get images that fit their personality and branding. Joe and his wife Tracy are in our small group at church.  Seriously, they are amazing!  They are a little bit older than most of the rest of the group, but they are like our cool older […]

Littleton Branding Photographer