From casting a vision, finding your value, tuning your voice, dialing in your messaging and creating a vehicle to get your message to the's time to build your brand!


What if your brand was....

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  • Frustrated with not feeling capable of creating compelling marketing for your business.
  • Overwhelmed with showing up on social media.
  • Spinning your wheels creating captions and newsletter content.
  • Not feeling professional because nothing feels cohesive.
  • Feeling like an imposter as a business owner.
  • With a never ending to-do list.
  • Spending way too much time on creating content.
  • Wasting time on marketing that isn't growing your business.
  • Shouting into the void and not reaching the right customers.

Branding is the key to conquering ALL of these things. You can build a brand that is cohesive, creative and compelling so you can show up with consistency and confidence in order to connect with your dream customers.

Ready to start showing up with confidence in everything you create for your business?

It is time to Build Your Brand

I see you.....

Build A Brand

a course that will empower you to build a brand that is cohesive, creative and compelling so you can show up with consistency and confidence in order to connect with your dream customers.

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And at the end of the day, all you really want is to feel confident in your business and to share it with the world — you see other business owners showing up consistently and confidently every single day, and you’re frustrated that it isn't your reality yet.

You are tired of trying to figure it out all on your own. You feel like you are shouting into the wind and no one is hearing your message. You want to give up and are tired of nothing working like it is supposed to.

I Feel lost and stuck

You are stuck in the hamster wheel of content creation and not getting any traction. You feel like you are "doing all the right things" but you aren't seeing any growth.

I'm Spinning my wheels

You keep telling yourself... 
"If I was just a better writer."
"I'm just not creative enough."
"My brand isn't professional enough."
"My marketing is lacking."
"I am constantly falling behind."

I feel inadequate 

You aren't sure who you are talking to and therefore you don't know what to say. Which means you don't say anything! Marketing and social media constantly goes to the bottom of your to-do list. Which makes you feel like a failure and never finished with work.

My marketing is suffering

Does this sound familiar?

build a brand is a DIY course designed for business owners that want to level up, pivot or get unstuck in their business so they are no longer overwhelmed by marketing, messaging and social media.

Here’s what you’ll learn on the inside:


Get clarity on your mission and purpose as a business. This guides everything you do as a business owner. If you feel lost, don't have clear direction, have unmet goals or expectations or are lacking clarity. These lessons will get you on the right track...FAST.

Where your business is headed


Combine the three columns from this chart here for each week! Watch the offer over-the-shoulder tutorial for an example of how to do this.

Module Name Goes Here


When you know your value it helps with confident pricing and identifying your ideal customer. By getting clear on your clear customer journey and figuring out their problem and how to solve it, your marketing becomes easy! Walking through these lessons will build confidence and empower you to charge what you are worth!

The backbone of your business


Discover how to speak to your customers and have messaging that resonates and converts. Write your “about me”, “I help” statements and phrases that connect with your people. After you are done with these exercises, writing captions, newsletters, social media posts and website copy will be a breeze.

create a compelling message


Combine the three columns from this chart here for each week! Watch the offer over-the-shoulder tutorial for an example of how to do this.

Module Name Goes Here


Walk through the essentials of logo, fonts, colors and photography so you can have a beautiful and professional looking brand that is cohesive and makes you look & feel legit. These lessons will equip you with how to create a brand that makes people want to invest! It is step-by-step and broken down so it is easy, even for those who feel like they don't have a creative bone in their body.

Create a look you are proud of


It is what gets your message to your customer through your website, social media and marketing. Create a social media plan that is easy to execute and helps you show up consistently without feeling overwhelmed. By the time you are done, you will have 100 content ideas ready to go!

Create visibility and marketing 


There are 5 modules that each have 3-7 short videos that are easy to digest and break down each concept in an easy way so you can revisit them if you need more clarity. Feel accomplished to move on quickly so you can immediately implement them for your business!

26 Video Lessons

What's Included?


Each module has a workbook that walks you through each step of creating a brand that is compelling and captivating. These practical pages will help you think deeply and do the work to create a profitable brand.

5 Comprehensive workbooks


At the end of each section, you will find an implementation checklist and action steps that will encourage you to do the work to clarify and make a cohesive brand that connects you to your dream customer. These tools will help you stay on track and ignite the change you want to make for your business.

Actionable Steps


Why re-invent the wheel? This course has templates and downloads that will help you come up with 100+ social media ideas, create a brand guide for you and your team, easily schedule your content, create a killer "about me" section and so much more!

done for you templates

Get instant access to:

  • 100 Video Prompt Ideas for Reels/TikTok ($97 Value)
  • 30 Days of Plug and Play Social Media Canva Templates ($49 Value)
  • Get Your Questions Answered in My Exclusive Voxer Channel ($299 Value)


Bonuses Valued at $550

does this sound amazing or what?



"Now I have a solid perspective on my brand and feel super confident about what I want to say and who I want to say it to."

"I have learned that I have very specific things to say to a very specific audience and yet by dialing into that, I have stories and ideas that I can share. Breaking it down makes it easier to look ahead and see what I want to share for a long time!"

"I finally have clarity on who my client is and what I don't want to be doing anymore. And by doing that I am making sure that I am not wasting my time. Now I can move forward and have a really professional looking brand."

— katie



Don't just take my word for it...

Testimonials like these are exactly why I created the build a brand course. are You ready for results like this?

It's time to ditch the fear, lean into your uniqueness and build a brand that is confident, compelling and CONVERTS dream customers into buyers.

Can you do it on your own? Of course you can. Will it take you longer. Of course it will. Will you struggle without someone to walk you through it? probably! Will having an expert on your side make everything easier, faster and higher level? Definitely.

I get it...

That's Why Build A Brand is a Game Changer!

I wasted YEARS (almost a decade) playing small. I was afraid that by niching down and stepping into a BRAND and one way of doing business it would mean that I wouldn't have enough customers and my business would fail.

Everyone told me I needed to "niche" down but I was scared. I kept telling myself that I loved "doing it all" but the reality was that I was afraid that if I "didn't do it all" my business would fail. Boy was I wrong.

And then....I found the key. When I sat down and figured out a strategy for my all clicked! As a photographer I knew the importance of my brand looking good, but as a brand strategist now I know the importance of the MESSAGE being good.

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Just imagine what it would
feel like to:

  • Work on your business, not just IN your business. To have time to dream, plan and create.

  • Confidently hand your business card out at a networking event and know that they will want to work with you.

  • Have social media work for you instead of being a slave to it!

  • Have a newfound sense of clarity and purpose, no longer second guessing your every move but moving forward boldly and decisively

  • Say goodbye to the weight of doubt and fear, replaced by unwavering confidence in your brand’s value and uniqueness.

  • Be free from the confines of comparison and imposter syndrome, embracing your brand’s true potential.

All of this can be your reality with Build a Brand!

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