What is holding you back?

Reclaim your passion from photo class in high school.
Pull out that camera and document your kids. 
Learn how to take amazing pictures on your next vacation.

I see you back there hiding out because you don't know how to use your "nice" camera.

It's Time To: 

Ready to go from overwhelmed to confident? Whether you are a total newbie and the only button you know is “AUTO”, or if you have just gotten rusty in your skills or are learning a new camera system, I’ve got you covered.

Photography 101 and 201


I know you are a visual person! Here is a video that explains the courses and what is included.


Feeling guilty because your camera isn’t being used.

Wishing that you knew how to use your camera.

Frustration and giving up when you can’t figure it out.


7 videos on:
Intro to Photography
Camera Gear
Magic Triangle
White Balance, Metering & More

A 12 page workbook that helps you take notes, stay focused and is a great resources to come back to over and over again. Print it and keep it in your camera bag for quick reference.

7 videos on:
Indoor Lighting
Outdoor Lighting (2)
Color Casting
Putting it all together

You will gain confidence in your skills, excitement that you can start utilizing your camera its potential, and lifetime access to the course so you can refer back to it when needed.

A 13 page workbook that helps you take notes, stay focused and is a great resources to come back to over and over again. Print it and keep it in your camera bag for quick reference.

You will be ready to craft creative, stunning images that get noticed! You will feel confident in any situation, knowing you can make it work and have lifetime access to the course so you can refer back to it when needed.

Photography 101

Photography 201

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Here's What You Get

You bought a camera and now it is just collecting dust on your shelf. You have a little bit of guilt every time you see it. NO MORE! Photography 101 will teach you how to use your camera so you can capture the images of your dreams!

Something for Everyone

Whether you just bought a new camera or you are ready to take the next step in your photography, these courses are perfect for you. You can watch them on your own time and come back to them again and again with lifetime access!

Level Up Your Photography Skills: 

Do you know the basics of your camera but you ready to kick it up a notch? Photography 201 teaches you how to create a beautiful image using lighting, location and composition.

Study at your own pace

Videos to help you see as you learn

Printable workbook to print and keep for reference

Lifetime access so you watch again and again

check it out

Photography 201

It is time to move your images from good to AMAZING! Learn how to find the best lighting and how to capture images that are creative, eye-catching and professional quality. You know how to use your camera but you want to level up even more. If you are ready to take the next step in your photography journey, then it is time for Photography 201!


You are smarter than your camera...I promise! Photography can be overwhelming and learning your camera settings is the first step toward creating great images. You invested in a camera (or got one as a gift) and now you are stuck. All of the buttons are confusing and you get overwhelmed and give up, right? If you are ready to finally learn how to use your "nice camera" then it is time for Photography 101!

Photography 101

Here's The Deal

Lisa offered such a great mix of experiential, overview and in-depth of the necessary topics to be successful as a photographer. Plus-it was super fun! If you are looking to level up your photography, don't hesitate to work with Lisa!

"Don't Hesitate to work with Lisa!"


Leveled up her skills

Lisa is very knowledgeable, thorough in her explanations and genuinely wants to see you thrive. This course is especially good if you're newer to photography, and don't know what you don't know. Lisa is a great teacher! 

"I loved this course!"

Gained confidence


Don't just take my word for it

Not  Ready?

That's okay! You can watch a little sneak peek to get a feel for how the course is set up and what you will learn. This 10 minute preview is full of great information about camera equipment!

Watch Now!

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