Vegan Chocolate Chip Bars

When the world is in chaos, there is nothing like homemade goodies that eases anxiety.  Since I have spent A LOT of time at home in the last few days, I have used my time wisely.  I pulled this recipe out of the archives when they boys suggested I make something “oatmeal-y”.  I had forgotten […]

Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Bars- Allergy Free Recipes

Blackberry Sour Cream Pie

Do you know what today is?  It is Pi day.  I have done a blog about my famous Blackberry Pie in the past.  If you want the full directions for how to make the perfect pie, then click here, but don’t judge on the old format and photos from my blog……I did it 7 years […]

Blackberry Sour Cream Pie

Guess what??  Today is National Zucchini Bread Day!  I can’t let today go by without acknowledging this important holiday! You see I have three cute little (okay…not so little anymore) boys.  All three of them have food allergies.  My oldest and youngest are both allergic to eggs which always poses a problem when it comes to […]

Not Your Average Zucchini Bread- Allergy Free Recipes

  We have a lot of allergies at our house.  It is a pain, but over the last 18 years I have become quite good at adapting recipes to make them suitable for my family while still retaining the yuminess of the recipe. I have adapted this recipe to account for my kids who are […]

Grandma’s Gingersnaps- Vegan Cookie Recipe

I love baked goods.  There.  I said it.  I love to bake them almost as much as I love to eat them.  I cringe now to think about how I only used to use boxed muffin mix.  I didn’t know any better.  Now that I have kids with tons of allergies, it has forced me […]

Blackberry Oatmeal Muffins

So…I am learning to how be a stay at home mom again.  I am having to learn to unchain myself from the computer and actually be productive around the house.  From about August until the end of December I was so busy with my business that I didn’t really feel like a stay at home […]


This weekend was full of Baseball, swim meets and BBQ’s.  Makes for a fun, but insane weekend.  I had the house perfectly clean in anticipation of our busy weekend and after 2 days of only coming home to drop something off and pick up something new, the house was trashed.  Does anyone else have this […]

Pinterest Challenge: Days 19- 22

Summer time has caught up with me.  I have been spending time doing swim meets, baseball practices, swim practices, crawdad catching, swimming, going to birthday parties… get the idea.  All fun stuff, but the kind of stuff that makes an extremely dirty house and very tired kids.  It is the stuff that memories are made […]

Getting Caught Up: Challenge Days 12-15

Okay, so I am consistently a day behind.  Yesterday I was an over achiever and did TWO new recipes.  I was short on time last night before I had to get T to baseball at 6.  Evening practices are so hard.  You are either eating really early dinners, or really late dinners.  I usually opt […]

Day 5 Challenge

This weekend we have the pleasure of having our nieces for the weekend.  They are 12 and 8 and are lots of fun to have around.  However, 5 kids is a lot!  They are very helpful and the kids are all pretty self sufficient, but man…..I have made a lot of food and done a […]

Party of Five