David and Cheyenne

July 12, 2015

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 Weddings.  I love them.  I can’t photograph a wedding without thinking of my own.  
Inevitably during the ceremony I have the overwhelming urge 
to text or call my husband and tell him how much I love him.  
I love the promises being exchanged.  I love the hope that clings to the air.  
I love the way the couple gazes at each other 
and for that moment their love is all that matters.
This wedding was special.  Not only could you feel the love, hope and promise in the air….
but you could feel the presence of God.  These are the best weddings.  
The weddings that are bigger than two people.  This wedding was WAY bigger than two people.  
You can tell by the size of their wedding party.
From the moment I met Cheyenne, I loved her.  
She was so full of life and knew just what she wanted.  I couldn’t wait to work with her.  
I loved our engagement session and she and David are so photogenic
 and wanted the pictures to be a priority.  I LOVE that!  
It makes my job so much easier.

 They were more than happy to just gaze into each others eyes all day 
and pretend that I wasn’t even there.  I LOVED it!

In anticipation of this lengthy blog post, I emailed David and Cheyenne 
a few days ago so that they could help me with this blog post.  
Here are their answers to the questions I asked.
How did you meet?
We technically met when we were 12 through my Aunt and Uncle. 
They were in a small group/bible study with David’s parents. 
But it wasn’t until 2010 that we started talking to each other and started a friendship. 
We went on camping trips with my Aunt and Unlce’s small group every summer since then. 
We officially started dating July 9, 2012.
How did he propose?
My family has always gone camping at Dowdy Lake 
in Red Feather, CO (where we went camping with my Aunt and Uncle’s small group) 
every Labor Day weekend. The past 2 years, David has joined us on that trip. 
We took a walk around Dowdy Lake at sunset and when we got back to
 where we started our walk, he looked down at the ground and said 
“What is that?” He kneeled down to pick it up and it was a handmade wooden ring box! 
He had made it and put the ring in it and my brother planted the 
box under a tree while we were on the walk. 
Then both of our families hid behind this pile of rocks 
and took pictures of the whole proposal!
What is your favorite memory of your wedding day?
Cheyenne: Our first dance, because it felt like we were the only people there. 
It was such a special moment because it was the first thing 
we really did as husband and wife.

David: The first look because I got to have a private moment with my bride 
and see her in her dress and give her the necklace I got for her to wear on our wedding day.
 It made the rest of the day so much better because we got to do everything together as a team. (Thank you David.  I am going to quote you to other grooms-to-be.  So often they don’t want to do the first look!)

Describe your husband in 5 words:   
Genuine, Charming, Funny, Handsome, Strong
Describe your wife in 5 words:  
Adorable, Capable, Funny, Beautiful, Princess

 Any other funny or touching stories from your wedding day?
Funny – the cake catastrophe. The cake basically fell apart
 and my Aunt and cousins saved the day and made it look great. 
It wasn’t really funny at the time but looking back on it, it was funny 
and something I never even had to worry about because it was taken care of. 
 You can’t even tell!  I thought it was amazing.
 During the ceremony I kept hearing David’s stomach growling, so that was pretty funny!
 He does look hungry.

 I heard that the kids walking down the aisle was pretty cute and funny
Personally, I thought these reception photos were pretty funny.

Cheyenne: The Father/Daughter dance was really special to me because 
my dad is not a very emotional guy and to see him tear up 
and dance with me was emotional and special for me. 
And the mother-son dance always brings a tear to my eye.  
Probably because I have 3 boys and I know when they get married
 I am going to be a mess during this dance.
 Seriously.  Are you as in love with this couple and this wedding as I am?  
Not convinced yet?  Here are some more photos to help convince you.  
Sorry for the overload, I just can’t help it.

 The details.  Ahhmazing. 
 The combo of burlap and flowers.  I swoon.

The reception venue up in Conifer was breathtaking.  
The green grass brought on by all of the recent rain, in combination 
with the beautiful sunshine….you couldn’t ask for more.

One of my favorite pictures of the night was the very last one I took.  
Not sure who this couple was, but I just loved capturing the moment.  
It just made me think about David and Cheyenne 40 or 50 years 
from now and how they might look just like this couple.
So, thanks for letting me be a part of your special day.  It was a true honor for me.

For more pictures visit my website or my Facebook page.

David and Cheyenne

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