The Green Family- Denver Extended Family Photography

November 7, 2016

Some photographers avoid extended family pictures like the plague.  Not this girl.  I LOVE documenting big ol’ families.  They are some of my favorite sessions.  And this family was a favorite among favorites!   Prepare for an onslaught of pictures.  I had a really hard time narrowing it down (to the tune of 233 pictures in their gallery).
Someone (age and name are omitted to protect their identity) had a milestone birthday and she wanted family pictures.  Isn’t that what every mom/grandma wants??  If you are looking for a gift idea, give the gift of pictures.  It will earn you serious brownie points guys!!
First came love….then came marriage.
Then came the babies in the baby carriage.  Including a set of identical twins!  Sisters are the best…especially when you share the womb.

The brothers.

I was a little nervous going into this session for a couple of reasons.  First, between the two girls they have 4 kids ages 2 and under.  That can be very tricky.  But as you can see…..they were amazing!  I have never had such an easy session with so many little ones.  They were fantastic!
Secondly, this beautiful lady is a fellow photographer and that is always such a compliment to be asked to do pictures for a fellow photog but also a little intimidating.  However, they usually have great styling and they NAILED it.  Don’t they all look amazing?  Good job guys.  This is the Shaw Family.

 The Melton Family.

I brought along my oldest son to help corral the kids and he had fun chasing them around and getting them to smile.  He was a great asset.  Of course, in true mom fashion I didn’t actually take any picture of him playing with the kids (#momfail #blogfail).  Not that these kids needed any corralling, have I said how amazing they were???  Grandpa did a pretty good job of keeping the boys busy too. 
Is this not the most amazing picture of grandparents with their precious grandkids?  Look how perfect those kids are being!! 

The Grands.  Now keep in mind this picture was one of the last pictures I took at the end of our 2 HOUR session.  Not perfect, but still pretty darn good.  
Elijah (2)
Ezekiel (2)
Nora (8 months)
Asher (who is only a few weeks old) 
Had to sneak in a few sibling pictures which can be tricky with little ones.

 My favorite pictures are the ones of mom and dad just loving on their kids.  These will just about make your heart melt.

The boys vs. the girls.  I think the boys are winning.  Time to add some more girls to the mix!!

These candids are some of my favorite pictures.  You can just feel the love and friendship between this amazing family.  How lucky they are to have each other!!!

This family is truly a blessing to so many and it was an honor to spend time with them and to freeze this crazy, fun, exciting, exhausting time in their lives.
Need a gift idea for the upcoming Christmas season??  Think about booking an extended family session.  I will be around during Thanksgiving and Christmas if you want to book a session.  Visit or give me a ring at 303-570-1751.
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