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April 17, 2017

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I can’t even begin to describe how thankful I am to share these photos with you.  This amazing woman and I have been friends since 5th grade.  We have spent many sleepovers, birthday parties, youth group events, graduations, weddings and many other seemingly insignificant days together that add up to the friendship of a lifetime.  She stood up at my wedding, I stood up at her wedding.  She cried when my first baby came 3 weeks early and she was out of town.  And then she cried again (with joy this time) when she was at the hospital with me when my second baby was born.  I set her up with her husband and she has been my confidant and supporter.  We have a really special relationship.
This is her favorite children’s book.  Which is saying something because she is a 1st grade teacher!  

I have walked this long road to motherhood with her.  It has been a roller coaster!  And yet Stacy and Jeff have walked this path with grace and huge faith.  They have never asked why us, yet trusted God in his plan and his timing.  It has been inspiring to watch.

Needless to say there were several times throughout this session where I got all teary and I really had to focus so I wouldn’t start blubbering!
I loved this session.  Look at how much joy and love these two have.  They were naturals behind the camera and made my job so easy.  I barely had to give them direction and they are obviously so in love with each other and the new life about to join their family.

The cherry blossom trees are so beautiful right now.  Stacy and I share an affinity for musicals and I couldn’t help but sing the song “Spring” from 7 Brides for 7 Brothers while I was taking these photos.  And of course…she sang right along with me. 

They have fervently prayed this prayer so it is fitting that they wanted to include it in their session.

Isn’t she the cutest pregnant lady??

No words.  This is one of the ones that made me tear up.
She absolutely glows with love and contentment.  It has been tough for her to enjoy and be content during this pregnancy as she has suffered so much loss in the past, but she has given it to the Lord and is relishing these last few weeks before motherhood.

Hello baby girl.  You are so loved.
The lighting was perfect and matched the mood of their journey.  It started cloudy but at the end the sun came out and showed off its beauty.
At the end I had an idea to incorporate the idea of a rainbow.  If you haven’t heard, a rainbow baby is a healthy baby that comes after the loss of a baby or miscarriage.  The idea is that the rainbow comes after a storm and for anyone who has been through that it feels like a dark storm.  It is the promise of new life and that hope comes after the dark times.  We started doing these photos and it was really powerful.  

And then I had her stick her hand in the paint and hold it out toward me.  I took a few pictures and then I asked her “how many babies have you lost”.  She paused for a moment and then continued to hold out all 5 fingers.  Que the tears.  Wow.  Now you can see how much emotion is behind these photos.

We found a wall that matched perfectly with her favorite color and brings out her eyes.  Love!

After our session, they came back to our house and had dinner with us.  It was such a nice evening spent with dear friends.  We could have talked all night (except that Chris almost fell asleep.  He is not a night owl by any stretch of the imagination).
Stacy and Jeff, I am so excited for you.  Even now I am welling up with joy (and I think it might be a little bit dusty in my kitchen because my eyes are watering).  I can’t wait to snuggle your baby girl.  And remember that Auntie Lisa lives pretty close and is always available for babysitting if you need a date night.

For more pictures visit www.photolilo.com or my Facebook page.

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  1. Kathy says:

    Beautiful mom! Beautiful family! You captured them beautifully, Lisa! What joy!

  2. Lisa Lord says:

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Lisa Lord says:

    Thank you so much for your kind words!

  4. Carole Stutzman says:

    What a delight to see these pictures this morning, Lisa! So beautiful…viewed with a smile and eyes clouded with tears of joy.

  5. Wild Rush says:

    Such a beautiful and raw blessing. Walking with the Lord will be a hike through such difficulty and pain – but He knows that better than we and His promises are so much better than we can conceive. Stutz and Stacy – you are a blessing to us! We can't wait to hear the good news of this baby girlfriend!!!

  6. Jan Stutzman says:

    Beautiful and so touching! Sending my love!

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