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McKellips-Hammerland- Colorado Mountain Wedding

September 11, 2017

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This wedding was affectionately called the McHammer wedding. Because that is what you get when you combine McKellips and Hammerland.  Funny and creative, right?!  That is a perfect representation of this couple as well.  Cute, funny, creative and a TON of fun.
I have to say that this wedding is one of the most relaxed and genuinely FUN wedding I have ever been a part of.  Usually weddings are a bit stressful for me as there is a lot of pressure to make everything run smoothly, on time and to get great pictures at every turn.  But at this wedding everyone was early, eager to make things go well and happy to help me.  Also, the joy of the bride and groom, wedding party and family was palpable and exuded into every part of the wedding. 
They decided to get married at a campground.  I know that sounds a little strange, but they are big campers and wanted something simply and outdoorsy so the campground was a perfect fit for them.  They found a big campground up between Pine and Deckers and fell in love with it.
I have to give them mad props in that they had to bring EVERYTHING in for this wedding and there was no electricity or running water.  And yet…everything went off without a hitch.  Every detail was covered including hats and sunscreen available for the ceremony and a cute little basket outside the bathroom door with wipes, hand sanitizer, bug spray, itch cream (for the aforementioned bugs), lotion, tissues and anything else you can think of that would be helpful. 
When I got to the campground (after a GORGEOUS drive) I was greeted by the bride coming out of a tent: totally beautiful and totally ready to rock and roll.  We did a few bridal pictures, I took some detail pictures and then it was time for the first look.  I love that Dan showed up 15 minutes early for the first look and it was so nice to start the day ahead of schedule instead of scrambling behind.

This first look might go down as my favorite.  We found this beautiful and secluded spot down by a stream and it was like something out of a fairyland.  Dan was so excited to see his bride and the pure joy and emotion had me tearing up.

They are self-described nature loving nerds I love that this wedding perfectly matched their personalities.   Jenna looked like a woodland fairy!!  I loved her floral crown (and so did the bees)!
So much laughter.   

They saw this giant tree and immediately asked for pictures by it.  I think these might be some of my favorite from the day.  Who I am kidding….they are all my favorite.

They fully embraced the camping theme.  Most of the guests and bridal party even camped on the grounds so they didn’t have to drive home in the dark and it made for such a fun atmosphere.

It is no wonder that these two are amazing.  They come from amazing families.  I have known Jenna’s dad and Dan’s mom for 17 years.  We all worked at D’Evelyn together in 2000.  Look at this legacy.  Over 80 years of marriage represented in this photo. 
Not quite as many years represented here but still great examples of good, strong marriages in Dan’s mom and dad and his brother and sister-in-law.
Another favorite thing about the wedding….their wedding party.  Seriously, these young men and women were amazing.  Quick to jump in and help, on time, happy, followed directions well, were funny, happy and just all-around amazing people.  It was a huge wedding party but we got so many great pictures and it truly was a delight working with them! 

Everything was so green and beautiful up at the campground.  And relaxed photos like this during a wedding are usually very posed (honesty alert) and rushed and don’t at all represent a typical wedding day.  But honestly, these are the perfect representation of their day.  Relaxed, happy, dreamy.

We rocked the portrait time, wedding party photos and everything else that there was a full 45 minutes to relax in the shade before the wedding started.  And I caught the bride a groom looking like this.  It was magical.  And they had some great alone time just chatting and enjoying being together on their wedding day.
While they were enjoying the shade….I almost died and tried to take them out in the process.  Okay that might be a bit dramatic but still.  While we were doing photos we found this really cute smurf mushroom.  I have never seen one so colorful and they loved it!  So I decided to do some detail pictures with the mushroom.  Jenna joked that I shouldn’t eat it.  Well..duh.  I would never eat something in the wild that I didn’t know what it was.  I have seen the Hunger Games.  I am no dummy.  
A few minutes later the mother of the bride wandered over and was telling us that the “mushroom” expert had been out the day before and warned her about that mushroom calling it the “7 second mushroom”.  Meaning if you eat that mushroom you will be dead within 7 seconds.  Ummmmmm….what!??  I had been handling that mushroom, touching it and placing the rings on it.  Needless to say we all wiped our hands down and cleaned the rings thoroughly!!!  Yikes!  But the pictures are cool, right!?
Keeping with the non-traditional theme.  How cool are their wedding rings?  Jenna’s stone is a moon stone and she LOVES it.  Not a typical stone you see in wedding rings but so pretty in the setting with the leaves.  

Just before the ceremony, the wedding party decided to dance around the bride and groom.  Even the father of the groom got in on the action. 
I love that they wanted to have an unplugged wedding.  That way their guests could truly be in the moment and I was able to capture everything for them!
 Here comes the bride.

This open meadow was the perfect spot for the ceremony.  I love all of the surrounding trees and how cozy it felt.
Favorite picture from the ceremony.  Would you just look at the joy on Jenna’s face!
The ceremony was one for the books too.  It was God-centered, heartfelt and was a perfect union.  It was holy, full of love and it was a privilege to be there to witness and document it. 

Man and Wife.
After they were pronounced husband and wife, the crowd showered them with flowers.  It was such a cute idea and made for some really fun pictures.

I love the photo I take at the end of the isle after they walk/run down as husband and wife.  It is relief, joy and pure magic! 
Jenna’s grandma made her wedding dress and I love this photo of the two of them together.  What a special moment.
So many pretty details.  I love sunflowers and they were a perfect fit for the beautiful outdoor wedding and reception.

The picnic tables were decorated so beautifully!  So nice that there were so many picnic tables at this campground.  It made for the perfect reception site.

They even wood burned ornaments for everyone to take home with them.
The food was catered by Basic Kneads (a company started by some of Mr. McKellips former students).  They make wood-fired pizza and it was delicious!

After dinner it was time for heartfelt toasts and dancing.  These two are non-traditional and their first dance was pure fun and involved crazy dance moves and running around.

Not to be outdone, the father-daughter dance involved props!

Again….joy, laughter and fun surrounded the entire day!
These two self-proclaimed nerds totally embrace who they are and have fun with it.  And I loved it.  Their cake toppers also represented them perfectly as she loves and believes in mermaids and he loves and believes in Sasquatch.
5 years of long distance dating.  People said it would never work.  But they made it.  And it is obvious that they are perfectly matched and completely over the moon for each other.

I am sure you are sick of me gushing over this wedding so I will end it with this.  Even the mountains and sky were rejoicing in this union.  Colorado was showing off.

Congratulations Jenna and Dan!  May God bring you many blessings in this new life together.

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McKellips-Hammerland- Colorado Mountain Wedding

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  1. Wenni Donna says:

    The two most special things about this photography collection right here without a doubt are; the cute couple and, the nature’s beautiful embrace. I got married in one of the nicest San Francisco event venues but I always wanted the open air, in the nature wedding. This is it!

  2. Lisa Lord says:

    Thanks Wenni! It was such a blessing to be a part of this love story and the beautiful scenery of the Rocky Mountains was the cherry on top!!!

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