Motherhood Mini Sessions- Denver Family Photographer

Can you tell that I have been behind on blogging and that I am furiously working to get caught up?  I think I have blogged more in the last month than I have in all the rest of 2018 combined!  I am on a roll.  So if you haven’t been to the blog for a while then you should scroll back through to get caught up.  I just finished a series on how to prepare for your senior pictures that is very informative so if you have a 2019 senior, you really need to get caught up!

Last month I ran a special for Mother’s Day encouraging moms to get in pictures with their kids and to highlight their motherly love!

It is a really busy time of year so the sessions were limited but I am hoping to offer more next year!  They were amazing and I loved highlighting moms for these sessions.  This will definitely be a regular option for my LiLo clients so if you missed out this year… year is your time to shine!

The other great thing about these sessions was the cherry blossom trees.  They are my favorite thing about spring in Colorado.  I am really thinking about planting one of these in my yard so I can look out my window every spring and enjoy their beauty.

It always makes me so sad that these trees only bloom for such a short time.  Why can’t they stay like this year round??

I am just going to let these pictures speak for themselves because I think my words won’t be adequate to explain the love in these photos.  I just have to show it.

Fran and Josephine

Kristen and Lucia

Whitney, Cutter and Pyper

Is it dusty in here??  Because my eyes are a little bit misty.  I loved doing these sessions!!!  I can’t wait for next year.  I am envisioning a little girl in a long tulle dress with matching mother/daughter flower crowns.  Who is with me??

And thankfully I got this post done in the month of motherhood….May.  Tomorrow brings in June and the promise of summer!

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