The Pasha Family- Denver Extended Family Photos

June 15, 2018

Many photographers are afraid of big family sessions.  I, on the other hand, thrive on them.  I love seeing all of the connections between family members and I love meeting new family members.

This big ol’ family is one of my favorites to date!

I have know Margo for years as we have attended CBS together.  She is one of the most wonderful and godly women I have ever known.  She is funny, sweet, has great style and is just fun to be around.

She wanted these family photos so she could showcase them in her house.  She didn’t have any family pictures printed since her kids were seniors in high school (except for the kids’ weddings).  It was time to update them and we had a blast doing it!  Here are the “original four” Pashas.

Big family sessions are great because we get so many different combinations.  It is a great time for everyone to get updated pictures of their family, individual pictures for profiles or work, kid pictures and the sky is the limit!  I strive to get every combination possible!

Margo is a quilter and wanted to bring one of her quilts which I LOVED.  She is so talented.  She told me that her son says that he is “half Pakistani and half quilt”.  Now do you see why I love this family so much?  They are hilarious and fun!  Here are the girls on G0-Go’s handmade quilt.

The Lamb Family.  These girls are adorable and they were absolutely perfect during our session!  10 years of marriage looks good on these two!

Adam and Jessica are pros at taking pictures.  They were amazing.

They are also pros at being an aunt and uncle.  It is obvious that they love these girls and the feeling is mutual!

These girls are so lucky to have so many people that adore them.  Margo and Mo LOVE being grandparents to their “grandlambs”.

It was an absolute honor to spend time with you Pasha family!!  Do you need some big ol’ family photos done?  Let me know!  Might as well share the cost and do it together.

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