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March 1, 2019

Last fall I found a niche within photography that I wanted to explore more.  Have you ever heard of branding?  Branding is figuring out what you/your company is all about and then building a distinctive design that encompasses it.  Branding is a huge buzz word in the business world.  People are trying to market and build their businesses online and therefore need more of an online presence.  Which means they need photos of who they are and what they do.  Enter LiLo!

I put my new idea out into the world (thank you Facebook) and a friend of my husband (and mine too) said that his wife needed that for her counseling business.

So Elizabeth and I chatted about how to best represent her business and we decided that I would come to her counseling office in Green Mountain to get some pictures of the office, the counselors that work within her practice.  Then we went up the road a bit to do some family pictures because so much of what she does is WHO she is and a big part of that is her family.  Aren’t they cute?

Denver Branding Photographer

I loved seeing this project come together!  Here are the beautiful ladies within Green Mountain Counseling.  So if you are in need of a great, loving, Christian counselor….look no further!  Elizabeth and her wonderful team will take care of you.  If you want to learn more about them, then check out this link to their website.

Denver Branding Photographer

Once we had all of the business pictures out of the way….we did the family photos.  Dan and my husband have known each other for a LONG time.  I have met Dan on several occasions but I had never met his sweet wife.  Gosh.  I just fell in love with her and their girls.

Denver Branding Photographer

We have been Facebook friends for a long time so it was a joy to meet their girls after seeing the story of how they all came together.  I love a good adoption story and I loved to hear how Leila joined their family from the DR!  Isn’t she just about the most adorable 4 year old you have ever seen?

Denver Branding Photographer

Denver Branding Photographer

Their girls are the same age (they are only 2 days apart isn’t it amazing how God works) and even though they don’t share the same blood, they are intimately knit together.

Denver Branding Photographer Denver Branding Photographer Denver Branding Photographer

Watching these two parent and watching these two girls live life was wonderful.

Denver Branding Photographer

Let’s just pause all of this mushy stuff for a second and talk about their outfits.  Lizzy you knocked it out of the park!  I loved all of the patterns and socks, boots and sparkles…..somehow it just all worked.  Maisey REALLY wanted to wear this sparkly purple skirt and I love that they went with it.

Denver Branding Photographer

Don’t they just look so gloriously happy together.

Denver Branding Photographer

Oh Maisey.  Your personality shines!

Denver Branding Photographer Denver Branding Photographer

Dan and Lizzy…you guys have built a beautiful life and it was an honor to capture your family!

If you want to see more pretty pictures of cute families, then check out the Hodges family pictures or the Florea family pictures from earlier this fall.

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