Emberly 4 months- Denver Baby Photographer

June 7, 2019

Time after time, this family blows me away with their sessions.  From engagement and wedding photos to births and one year sessions, it has been my joy to follow this family and document their love (and overall adorableness).

Remember when Emberly was born?  Or when she was a newborn?  If you don’t, you should follow those links to get caught up.  Then I blinked and now she is 4 months.  I can’t even believe it!!  She is sad it has gone by so quickly as well.

We had to postpone this session twice because it SNOWED in May.  That is Colorado weather for you!  Thankfully the day we rescheduled for ended up being a nice, warm day and the sunlight was absolutely breathtaking.

The other thing that was absolutely breathtaking was this little cutie pie.  Look at those big, brown, expressive eyes….. and those cheeks 😍!

And this lace onesie is to die for!!!!  I should buy one of these in each size and have them on hand for my clients, don’t you think?

You know I had to take some pictures of those cute little piggies.

After our sunny, green pictures we moved over to the beautiful old barn at Hildebrand Ranch.  It is one of my favorite locations and was perfect for our pearls and tutu pictures.

Tutus and pearls will forever have my heart.

And so will this girl.  I am already looking forward to her 8 month session and I have something in mind that is (hopefully) going to blow away this session (although that is a tall order).

I just got a new camera as my old one was getting high on the shutter count and it was time for an upgrade and I am SO happy with the images coming out of it!  Although it isn’t hard to get good images of this little cutie!

Emberly is so squishy and those rolls had me seeing stars.  If only old lady chunky thighs were as cute as baby chunky thighs, right?!

Of course I had to grab a shot of these pretty ladies together!

I am so glad the weather (and the cute baby) cooperated!!  I can’t wait until she is 8 months old.  I am sure it will be here before we know it.

Want to see more pearls and tutu sessions?  Check out Adalaide’s pictures or Emma’s pictures.

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