Littleton Senior Pictures- Julia’s Winter Session

I have never quite understood why Senior Pictures in the Littleton area have to be turned in by September.  Is it that way everywhere?  Thankfully, every once in a while I get to do a senior session in the winter!  They are always my favorite.

Denver Snow Senior Pictures

Julia had an injury earlier this year and it made for some complications with her mobility and confidence and therefore, she wanted some pictures further into the semester.  I was happy to oblige.

Red Rocks Outpost

We had a series of snow storms leading up to her session and even the day of the session was a bit sketchy as to whether or not we would be able to go through with it.  Thankfully, Julia was a real trooper and despite the cold weather and the snow everywhere, she rocked her session.  Bringing this fur lined coat was genius!  From now on….all winter senior pictures must include a fur lined coat!  It’s a rule.

Snow Senior Pictures

She also had the model face down!  I can’t believe how much she rocked these pictures.  Complete pro.

Denver Snow Senior Pictures

Don’t worry though, we got some good smiles too.  Isn’t she the cutest?  Seriously wonderful inside and out.

Red Rocks Senior

Red Rocks is ridiculously beautiful, however in the summer months (during senior picture season) there are concerts there every evening and there are people tailgating, hanging out and lingering EVERYWHERE!  Making it nearly impossible to do pictures up there.

Red Rocks Snow Pictures

But on a cold day during the winter….no problem!!  Although where we started our session (up near the Outpost) there were a TON of people up there (tourists mostly).  I wish I had taken a behind the scenes photo!  Thankfully, I know how to work around crowds and you would never know from the pictures, right?!

Red Rocks Colorado

This iconic tunnel is my favorite.  Julia chose this picture for her yearbook submission and I couldn’t agree with her choice more!

Littleton Senior Photographer Red Rocks Tunnel

These just might be my favorite pictures from the session.  I have always been a sucker for pictures on the road, but they aren’t always practical (or safe).  But seeing as Red Rocks was almost completely abandoned, it was a safe location.  Talk about being thrilled!

Red Rocks Senior Pictures Littleton Senior Pictures

Towards the end of our session it got REALLY cold and the snow moved in.  I asked if she would be comfortable laying in the snow and she was all for it.  Totally worth it!

Red Rocks Winter Senior Pictures Red Rocks Snow Pictures Denver Winter Senior Pictures

Did I mention that she was just a few weeks post-op from knee surgery?  Yet, that didn’t slow her down a bit (don’t worry Dad….she was SUPER careful in all that we did and we made sure she was really safe).

Snow Senior Pictures

This was the last picture of the session.  We had to captures “just the girls”.  Her mom and sister were a great help helping Julia get around safely in the snow without injuring herself, carrying everything and making her smile.  What a great family!  (P.S. It started blizzarding about 3 minutes after we took this picture.  We finished in the nick of time.)

Winter Senior Pictures

Thanks for a wonderful session Julia!  I loved meeting you and your sweet family!


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Littleton Senior Pictures- Julia’s Winter Session

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