Amra- Denver Photographer

Whenever someone finds me randomly on the internet and wants to book a session with me I am always super flattered.  Most of my clients come from other clients through word of mouth which is the best way!  Thankfully Amra found me through a random Facebook comment and she booked and we did her session within 18 hours.  That is a new record for me.

Denver Mother-Son Photographer

The moment Amra walked in the door with her sweet son, I knew it was a match made in heaven.  We had the most wonderful session!

Mommy and Me Photographer

We did these pictures the weekend before Valentine’s day so we had a subtle love theme.

Littleton Family Photographer

It was just a mini-session so we had to work quickly and get comfortable with each other in a hurry….but it was like we were kindred spirits, so it was easier than it sounds.  Not only that, but their love for each other is palpable so that always makes for easy and fruitful sessions.

Littleton Family Photographer

Amra has the most beautiful and unusual accent and at the end of the session I asked about her heritage and I was blown away by her story.  Again, we didn’t have much time but I was so sad when our time was over because I am pretty sure we could have chatted all afternoon.

Denver Branding Photographer

She told me the story of her family seeking refuge in the United States in 1996 when the Bosnian war was going on.  When they finally received the okay to move to the US, the US government told them where they were going to live (Chicago I think), but her dad had a friend from high school who he hadn’t seen in years and they got in contact.  His friend lived in Boulder and they petitioned the government to let them come to Boulder instead of Chicago and it was approved.  They moved halfway around the world to live in Boulder Colorado with a family they had never met in cramped quarters.  What a story of sacrifice on both sides.  Within a month her parents had found jobs and were able to move out on their own.  What a cool story of perseverance, faith and the American dream.

Now Amra is a realtor in Denver and helps families find their new home in the place that provided her refuge 20+ years ago.  Do you have the chills?  I do!  So naturally we had to do some quick headshots, because when you show up to a session with LiLo and you have on a fluffy skirt, you better believe that I am going to make you do some twirls!

Denver Realtor Photographer

Aren’t these two just the cutest things EVER!?!

Denver Photographer

This young man knows how to work the camera.  He and I hit it off just fine!  It helps that I am a fellow #boymom so I rolled with his energetic and fun vibe with no problem.

Littleton Kid Photographer

He picked out his outfit and really wanted to wear this suit jacket.  How cute is that?

Denver Kid Photographer

Amra and her fiance are going to Bosnia and Europe to get married this summer.  I really just want to stow away and take their wedding photos.  Now that is something I am willing to come out of wedding retirement for!!  I am ready when you are Amra!  Blessings on your wedding Amra and I hope your life is full of beautiful things!

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