Emberly is One- Denver Baby Photographer

Hi!  Have you missed me?  Blogging has gone by the wayside with COVID….but now it is finally time to pick it back up and I have so much to share with you!  Being a one year old photographer here in Denver is such a joy!

Denver One Year Old Photographer

These one year posts are always a little bitter sweet for me!  My Baby’s First Year babies are my favorite and I love the fact that I get to see them every few months.  It is amazing to see how much they change in the first year of life!  Emberly is especially special to me as I have walked through every stage of life with this family from engagement pictures and wedding to the birth of both of their babies.  Garlicks, you are so very special to me and I am thankful to walk through life with you.

Denver One Year Old Photographer

Can you get any sweeter than this little girl?  Then you add in the cute outfits and bows…and it is downright cuteness overload!  She is such a happy girl and you know what they say, “the happiest girls are the prettiest girls”.

Denver One Year Old Photographer Denver One Year Old Photographer

Cheyenne always has the cutest ideas for backdrops, clothes and themes.  Remember when Emberly was 8 months old and we did pictures of fruit in a bucket?

Just in case you haven’t heard….the two bottom teeth stage is my favorite!

This time it was chilly outside so we did the session inside a studio that I rent.  It was nice to do something different, but I am an outdoor photographer through and through!

One Year Old Photography in Denver

Recognize this wire basket?  It was the same one we used for Emberly’s newborn session.  Being able to reuse something from a newborn session in a one year session really shows just how much they have grown in a year and I am here for it!

Time for an outfit change!  Pretty sure these adorable outfits came from Amazon.  Boy have things changed!  Thankfully I had boys because girl clothes are WAY cuter and I would have spent so much money!

Don’t worry.  NO babies were harmed in these photos, just in case you have anxiety about a baby on a bed.  Her mama was standing right there ready to stabilize and catch her.  Safety is one of my highest priorities!

One Year Old Photographer in Denver

Now it is time for the best part of a one year session.  THE CAKE SMASH.  Seeing the babies dig into the sugary sweetest is one of my favorite things EVER!

Safe to say she liked it!

Denver Cake Smash Photographer

Emberly was dainty and proper about eating her cake, yet looked completely adorable at the same time.

Denver One Year Photographer

Thankfully this family moved into my neighborhood so I get to see them at the pool and on walks.  Otherwise I would be telling them that it is time to have another baby so I can see them every four months.  But seriously, if you guys want to have another baby, I would be ecstatic!

Do you want to see more cute cake smashes?  Of course you do!  Check out this one and this one.

Want to book a session?  Click here.

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Emberly is One- Denver Baby Photographer

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