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Branding Photographer is kind of a new thing and you might be wondering what it entails!  Lots of small businesses and entrepreneurs need photos of themselves and their work so they can showcase it on their website, social media and elsewhere to promote their business.  These branding sessions give them images they can use online and for marketing.  It is hugely helpful to have fresh, clean, high quality images that are up to date.  I love working with Denver entrepreneurs and small businesses to help them with their branding and online presence.

Whitney is an up and coming baker in Southwest Denver.  She has turned her passion for baking into a small business to help support her little family and to flex her entrepreneurial muscles.

Denver Headshot

Not only does Whitney make delicious cakes, cupcakes and cookies, but she is a wife and mother!  In fact, she had a 6 week old baby when we took these photos.  It really isn’t fair that she looks so good after just giving birth.  Pretty sure I looked like the walking dead when my kids were 6 weeks old!

Denver Headshots

Want to see some of her mouthwatering concoctions?  Aren’t they so pretty?!

Denver Product Photography

This woman is a miracle worker!  She brought 8 different kinds of cupcakes, 1 bundt cake and a wedding cake for me to photograph.  What the what?!

Denver Branding Photographer

She even made mama and baby cupcakes.  What a great way to see the difference in size of the regular cupcakes vs. the mini cupcakes.  Just because they are smaller does not mean that they are less delicious.

Denver Product Photography

While I did not try ALL of the flavors (I am not a miracle worker) I did try quite a few.  And do you want to know which flavor was the BEST (in my humble opinion)?

Denver Product Photography

The Peanut Butter flavored cupcake.  It was a subtle peanut butter flavor which I loved (although I am sucker for anything peanut butter flavored—which is sad because all three of my kids are allergic to peanuts).

Denver Product Photography

Don’t you just love the new “simple” trend in cakes right now?  I for one, am thankful that fondant has gone to the end of the line and that buttercream frosting is now taking it’s rightful place in the spotlight.

If you are in the market for a cake and you are in the Denver area, you should talk to Whitney from KippCakes (Kipp is her maiden name, isn’t that so cute and creative).  She is a marvel in the kitchen and you would be supporting a beautiful little family.  Shop local!!

Denver Product Photography

And if you are in the market for some photos of you and/or your products, I would love to help you out with branding photos that you can use all year on social media, your website and elsewhere.  Contact me today!  Let’s start 2021 on the right foot and grow your business.

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