Maia’s 3 month baby photos- Denver Photographer

Maia was born just as the world was shutting down.  Everything was new and scary and no one knew what the future held.  I was scheduled to do newborn photos at the beginning of March, but with a pandemic looming on the horizon, we decided to skip newborn photos and wait it out.


Thankfully, by the time it got to May the world was opening up a little bit more and we deemed it safe to go ahead with 3 month photos.  It was one of my first sessions post quarantine and we took all of the precautions (including virtually no contact, I never touched Maia and I was wearing a mask the entire time).  Maia had only seen a handful of people (literally less than 5 people) outside of her mom and dad.  So needless to say, she was a little shy at first.

Denver Baby Photos

I LOVE babies and it was difficult not snuggling and loving on her!  Also, I didn’t realize how much I rely on my facial cues to help make people (especially kids) smile!  Let alone how hard it is to give directions for posing while wearing a mask!  Thankfully these guys are naturals and didn’t need much direction!  We endured the “new normal” with ease!

Denver Family Photographer

Even Stanley, who is one of the best behaved dogs I have ever had at a session, was perfection!

Denver Family Photography

One thing is clear, these two are head over heels for their little girl.

Denver Baby Photographer

Chelsea….not fair that you look this good after having a baby 3 months ago.  Quarantine had everyone packing on pounds, but you were not a part of that category!  #jealous

Denver Mom and Baby

When Chelsea and Matt got out of the car I about swooned.  They are the cutest couple and have great style!  Obviously we had to sneak in a few couples shots.

Denver Couple Photographer

These family shots are my favorite.  There is something so sweet about a couple cooing and making their little girl smile.

Denver Family Littleton Family Photographer

In the end, Maia rewarded me with some big ol’ smiles!

3 month old baby

I think we can all agree that a naked baby in bloomers is just about the most adorable thing on the planet.  2020 needs more cuteness like this, don’t you agree?

3 month old baby

Maia just might have a future in modeling.  Look at those eyes.

3 month old baby

Thankful doesn’t begin to describe how lucky I am!  To be able to do what I love even in the midst of global crisis is a blessing beyond measure.  Documenting families and their love is my happy place.

Denver Family Photographer

Thanks for being here everyone.  I appreciate all of you who follow along on my journey and support me!  Want to see more sweet babies?  Check out Adelaide and Emma for more cute baby sessions.

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