The Yaw Family 2020- Denver Family Photographer

Oh the Yaw family.  I don’t like to play favorites….but these guys always take the cake!

Cute Family Photo

When I get an email from a few specific clients saying they need new photos, it gives me warm fuzzies and they are one of those families.  Don’t get me wrong, I am always SO thankful when I get emails requesting pictures, but there are a few that have wormed their way into my heart.  Any client that has been with me more than 3-4 years and then my birth and baby’s first year clients are forever that way.

Denver Fall Pictures

Guess who was there when Emma was born?  You guessed it….ME!  I also have been documenting their family for the last 4 years, so you can see why they are so dear to me.  If you want to walk down memory lane, I will link all of the previous blogs for them at the bottom so be sure to check that out!

Denver Photographer

Amanda always has the cutest ideas for sessions.  Usually she brings props and Joel usually builds something amazing.  But seeing as this is 2020 there were no cute props.  Ain’t nobody got the time and energy for that.  However, I think these pictures might actually be my favorite.  Amanda still picked incredibly amazing outfits and the kids are so just SO. DANG. CUTE. that we really didn’t need any extra stuff.  Please note the adorable tights/socks/boots combo that Emma has going on.  Do you think that would look cute on an adult…..asking for a friend?

Fall Kids

Ethan is one of the best big brothers I have ever seen!  Emma was a little bit chilly and he was wrapping her up and keeping her warm… directions from me were given.  😍


They were like this the whole time.

Brother Sister

He also has a future in modeling and he really wanted a picture with his headphones on.  Note: the headphones were not actually connected to anything.  This kid ❤😂

Boy Model

Surprise!  Cute kids alert.

Surprised Kids

Too many pictures?  Good, I didn’t think so either.

Denver Photographer Collage

Obviously these two ADORE their kids (the feeling is mutual).

Dad and boys Mom and kids

Emma was getting a bit tired at this point, so we let her pose as she wanted and this one might be my favorite.

Denver Family Pictures

I love you guys.

Family Photos

Funny note….I LOVE Ethan’s shirt and even asked if it came in bigger sizes.  She got it at Target.  The NEXT day another client showed up in the same shirt and he was 12.  So if you need me, I will be at target buying that shirt for my 12 year old (see link above it you want to order it online).  It can be tough finding “cool” boy clothes.

Cute Family Pictures

Of course we ended the session with a mask picture because….2020.  I think we can all agree with how Emma feels about masks.

Family with masks

Want to see more of this amazing family?  Check out Ethan’s 3 year pictures, Emma’s birth, Emma’s Newborn, Emma’s 4 month, Emma’s 8 month, Emma’s one Year, 2019 Family Pictures.

Denver Family Photographer




The Yaw Family 2020- Denver Family Photographer

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