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It is no secret that my favorite part of 2021 was forming my first ever group of seniors to be my Littleton Senior Rep Team.

Littleton Senior Pictures

Last February, 10 kids from the class of 2022 signed up to work exclusively with me for their Denver Senior Pictures for the spring, summer and fall of 2021.

Littleton Senior Pictures

We did a studio session in February that was a black and white, box session. It was a great time where everyone got to meet and hang out for the first time.

Littleton Senior Pictures

In May and early June, each team member got their own, individual senior session.

Littleton Senior Pictures

In July, we did a smoke bomb session that ended with popsicles and ice cream.

Littleton Senior Pictures

And for our fall session….we did flannels and beanies.

Littleton Senior Pictures

They each got to pick their own colored beanie which I ordered from Carhartt and then paired them with their favorite flannel.

Some of these guys were already friends or went to the same school. But all of the friendships were strengthened and by the last session, everyone was hanging out and having a great time.

You can’t have a fall session without some leaf throwing.

It was such a gorgeous day.

With all of our sessions, I encouraged them to choose clothes that they already owned and they didn’t have to bring or purchase anything extra or have any extra expenses.

Littleton Senior Pictures

Not only are these guys practically models by now, they are GOOD HUMANS…which is the most important thing to me.

Zach wanted me to prank his mom and tell her he wore his pit vipers for the whole session. I had a good laugh. Apparently pit vipers are not a mom favorite (I can relate). However, his smile in this photo is my favorite.

I did a survey with the kids when we were done with the program and I asked them what their favorite part of the program was and almost all of them said “meeting kids from other schools and making new friends”. It made me so happy.

Near the end of our fall session, we went to the top of Bear Creek Lake Park so we could get some epic mountain shots. Mission accomplished.

The sun was unbelievable.

These sessions are fun for me because they make me laugh and I get to try new things. It sparks so much creativity and the kids are always up for trying new things.

In May, I will do a cap and gown mini session with them and then that will be the end of their commitment to our team. I can’t believe it is over and it is time to welcome a new rep team for 2023 seniors. But 2022….you will always have a special place in my heart. You guys made 2021 my favorite photography season EVER! Thanks for trusting me with your Littleton Senior Pictures.

Are you a junior and part of the class of 2023? You should join my 2023 Littleton Senior Rep Team!

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