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Grab a Dr. Pepper and settle in! This is where I showcase my LiLo clients and help you learn how to level up your business. And also a few of my personal shenanigans. 

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A branding consultant, brand coach and brand strategist sits on an orange chair with her feet curled up and and her hand raised in the air with a look of surprise on her face.

Being a business owner can be overwhelming and finding the time for a comprehensive brand overhaul might seem daunting. However, the truth is, you can make meaningful updates to your branding in just 10 minutes. Let’s explore three quick and impactful actions you can take today to breathe new life into your brand. Here is […]

Update Your Branding in Just 10 Minutes

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Are you struggling with showing up on social media? Who isn’t?! Social media can feel like a daunting task to any business owner. Especially when you are aware of how great it is for marketing and connecting with your ideal audience. So today I am sharing some of my favorite social media marketing tips for […]

Social Media Marketing Tips For Beginners


denver commercial photographer photographs woman on Instagram on her phone from over her shoulder
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There is a lot of pressure that comes with creating a brand. It is so much more than a color scheme and logos, which not a lot of professionals understand. So, when you are looking for a photographer to capture your branding headshots, it is critical to specifically find a brand photographer. They will understand […]

3 Things to Consider When Choosing a Brand Photographer


brand photographer holds up a square picture frame withe a circle picture in it of a mother kissing her child
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Becoming a brand coach has allowed me to share my business knowledge and teach others the strength of branding. After all, I have been doing this for over a decade, and I know the correlation that exists between business growth and branding. As I have researched branding as well as strategy, I have found the […]

The 5 V’s of Branding | Business Branding Services


denver commercial photographer captures business woman in a white lace top and blue jeans leaning against a counter in a kitchen and working on her laptop for candid brand photos
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Have you ever bought a course that takes HOURS out of your day, and weeks, or even months, to complete? Yeah, I am not about that. That is why I have been offering a VIP Day to get you the information you need asap! So you can start making changes and improvements within 24 hours […]

How a Day-Long Branding Session Can Provide Clarity and Momentum for Your Business


branding session with client filling out a workbook at her computer desk
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Being a branding coach has been a high point in my career. I love reimagining and creating brands that speak to their ideal audience and ultimately sell the business’s expertise in the industry. However, there are common mistakes that I witness regularly across every business type. These branding mistakes are easy to avoid once you […]

3 Branding Mistakes to Avoid


small business owner headshot with woman in a mint green sweater sitting on an orange chair and smiling with her legs crossed
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For most business types, a social media presence is a must. However, we will not settle for just a social media presence. In addition to having a presence, I want you to be strategic and efficient! Today we are going over how to pin a post on Instagram as well as the top three posts […]

How to Pin a Post on Instagram & 3 Posts to Pin


brand photos with woman in a white long sleeve shirt with a redish brown jacket on with her arms out as she smiles and twirls a little
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I have been in business for what seems like forever now (2011 seems like a lifetime ago, right?). And although I have done a lot of things on my own, there are some elements of business that you can’t do alone. Investing in a coach can seem intimidating and even full of the unknown. However, […]

The Hidden Benefits of Having a Branding Coach


branding coach has pantone cards for branding colors
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Showing up on social media can be daunting, especially when it comes to your business. You want to come across as knowledgeable but relatable. Responsible as well as fun. An expert without being a know-it-all. We have all been there. And as someone who is showing up on social media as a brand photographer and […]

Tips For Confidence in Your Social Media From Brand Photographer


Brand photographer captures business team together in front of their office building on a stone patio for brand photos
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As a brand photographer, I am all about helping my clients create a strong brand that speaks volumes. However, I have noticed a recurring theme when it comes to creating a brand that is putting so many creatives behind. It’s the color trap. Have you heard of it? Today we are discussing why choosing brand […]

Avoiding the Color Trap: Why Choosing Brand Colors Should Not Be Your First Branding Decision


Woman looks down her shoulder and she turns her back to the camera and smiles on a stone path at a resort in Costa Rica with brand photographer while Choosing Brand Colors
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I have so many thoughts when it comes to brand photography! And sure, as a Denver commercial photographer it is my job. . . but it is also my passion. I love getting to help business owners like you create a brand worth talking about! And a lot of that comes through your brand photos. […]

5 Must Have Brand Photos Every Business Owner Needs


Brand photos of business woman in a green blazer holding a coffee mug to her lips and gently smiling as she works at her desk captured by commercial photographer
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Whether you are a small business or a large corporation, the end goal of your branding should be the same. To build trust! Because no matter what you are asking your clients or customers to invest in, they need to first believe in YOU! With strong brand photography, consistent branding and the right message you […]

Building Trust Through Consistent Branding


Consistent branding with brand photographer in Denver photographing a woman sitting on a coffee table in front of a black fireplace at a Boho studio session for brand photo
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In the current online marketplace, visual content speaks volumes about your brand. As a business owner or entrepreneur, maintaining a consistent and captivating visual identity is so important! One way many business owners are gaining momentum is a subscription for their branding photos. Want to know if your brand might benefit from Subscription Branding Photos: […]

Subscription Branding Photos: A Strategic Investment


A fashion influencer sits at her desk smiling for her branding photos for her Denver commercial photographers while writing in a notebook.

3 secrets most brand experts won't tell you Master Class

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