Ken Caryl Senior Pictures

I count myself very lucky that I have taken senior photos for each kid in this family!  Michael is last but not least in this family and it was a pleasure to do senior pictures for the Greenwoods again.   I can’t believe that I started working with the Greenwoods in 2016 by doing Stephen’s […]

Michael- Littleton Senior Photographer

Denver Clock Tower Wedding

Picture this:  You get engaged December 8th.  You decide that with the uncertainty of COVID restrictions you might as well just married now.  January 7th, you tie the knot.  Jayden and Matt pulled off one of the most amazing weddings I have ever seen or been to in less than 30 days.  It was one […]

Jayden and Matt- Denver Clock Tower Wedding

The class of 2022 is near and dear to my heart!  Not only is my oldest son going to graduate in 2022 but so are my niece AND my nephew!  It is going to be a busy May for us as we attend 3 different graduations (hopefully COVID will be a thing of the past […]

Senior Rep Team- Denver Senior Photographer

2020 was the year of dogs and puppies!  Everyone was home more therefore it was a great time to get a puppy.  When Quinn asked if she could bring her new goldendoodle puppy I was totally on board! Isn’t Rusty just about the cutest puppy you have seen in a long time? Don’t you think […]

Quinn- Smoky Hill Senior Pictures

Are you lucky enough to have friends that have become family?  You know….framily?  If you don’t, then you need to find some.  Seriously.  The best place to look is your neighborhood.  They are likely to have kids your kids’ ages and they are close in proximity.  DO IT!  Find a fun family that you think […]

The Church Family- Littleton Family Photography

Are you ready for yet another installment of Lisa’s favorite clients?  Good!  Once again, I am so lucky to have such loyal clients that come back year after year until eventually they become friends instead of clients.  I guess it also helps that Emily and I were friends before I ever took pictures of them.  […]

The Lindsey Family- Denver Family Photographer

So many of the senior pictures I did this year really hit home.  Many of these kids are friends with my son and I have known their families for years.  My turn is coming next year and I am not ready!  This session with Hunter for sure hit home.  We have been friends with the […]

Hunter- Littleton Senior Pictures

Hey Friends.  We did it.  We made it to the end of the never-ending year! Despite the shutdowns, pandemics, toilet paper crisis and the fact that I STILL can’t find Clorox wipes……it turned out to be a pretty good year for LiLo Photography and I am thankful beyond words!  This blog is always my favorite […]

2020 LiLo Favorites- Denver Photographer

Hello little Stanley.  Welcome to 2020. At one point Ashley thought she was going to have to choose between having her husband in the room, or having her doula.  No offense to husbands, but if you are having natural childbirth a doula is WAY more helpful than a husband.  Thankfully, she didn’t have to choose!  […]

Stanley- Littleton Newborn Photographer

It is time to settle in for a long post.  Grab some coffee or a Dr. Pepper and prepare to enjoy some pictures of a beautiful young lady and her family. I started taking pictures of Olivia (and the whole Kuiphoff family) 4+ years ago when she was a tween.  In the last few years […]

Olivia- Littleton Senior Photographer