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June 5, 2017

I have three little (not so little) boys.  I am constantly surrounded by cars, trucks, noise and dirt.  So having the reprieve of a little girl, made of sugar and spice, is a perfect way to spend the day.
Josephine was particularly special.  I have worked with her dad at D’Evelyn for the last few years and it is a privilege to introduce little Josephine to the world.

She is so tiny and perfect.  She is the smallest baby I have worked with in a while and was just under 6 pounds when I met her.  Look at her tiny, delicate, beautiful face.

Little Josephine was a few weeks early and her strong mama had a pretty quick labor.  I guess that is nice seeing as she is a labor and delivery nurse and she has probably seen a few difficult labors in her time.

The funny thing about Josephine (they call her Josie for short isn’t that adorable???) is that she wanted her legs up by her face the entire session.  No matter how hard I tried to push those legs down, they popped right back up to her face.  That is usually indicative of a breech baby, but Josie wasn’t breech so she must have just been like that in the womb.

It was nice to meet some of their family while I was there taking pictures.  This little girl is going to be well loved and spoiled.  She is lucky!

Speaking of lucky…..these three are already perfectly in love with each other. 
She has the coloring of her daddy.  I see red hair and freckles in her future!

New moms are so beautiful.  They always have such a look of contentment and a glow about them. 

Congratulations Josh and Fran!  I am so excited for you and can’t wait to watch you grow to be amazing parents and to watch Josephine grow into a beautiful little girl.
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