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August 23, 2017

3 years ago I decided I wanted to get into birth photography.  So I put it out there to see if anyone wanted to be my guinea pig.  And one of my favorite families took me up on it.  It was such a wonderful and beautiful experience (minus me being 7 minutes late for the birth because Noah came to quickly).  You can click here if you want to take a trip down memory lane.  So when I found out this family was growing again, I couldn’t wait to be a part of it again.
I was there nice and early this time because I wasn’t about to miss another McKelvey baby being born.  And we had plenty of time to spare.  Which meant we had a lot of time to chat and hangout, which I loved.  It was so nice to catch up and hear all about their jobs and family and even their funny pest control issues!

They were hoping Becky would progress without having to break her water, but alas it was a long wait (thankfully with an epidural).  Once the doctor came in to break her water, Ethan was there within an hour.
It was so cute that as soon as it was time to push Becky got all nervous and was scared she wouldn’t be able to do it.  I reminded her that this was her 3rd baby and it was going to be easy-peasy.  And it was.  Less than 10 minutes of pushing and little Ethan was here.
3:35.  Ethan McKelvey joined the world.

I love these two.  They are wonderful people and the best parents.  They are bursting with love.  Love for each other and love for their boys.  Just look at them.  They hadn’t even touched their baby yet but had to kiss each other. 

Their 3rd boy.  I can relate.  And I love that they are just as happy with 3 boys as I am.  So many people ask me if I am going to try for a girl.  Nope.  And if I had another baby (which is NOT happening) I would want another boy.  Having 3 of the same gender doesn’t make the birth of the 3rd one any less special.  I mean, look at these two.

Ethan needed a little extra oxygen when he was born so they whisked him away to the warmer for some oxygen.  And Brian was there every step of the way!

Brian is such a hands-on dad.  I love that!  He was always by Ethan’s side.

All cleaned up, diapered, banded and ready to go!

Look at his dimples.  Are you kidding me??  
After a little snuggle time with mom, it was dad’s turn.  I love these pictures.  You can just feel the love and emotion flowing through Brian.

When it was time to nurse, Ethan took to it like a champ.  And proceeded to nurse for almost an hour.  I think they are going to have a bruiser on their hands!  I love the way Becky wanted to uncover his toes so she could play with them while she was nursing.
I stayed long enough to get some pictures of the big boys with their new baby brother.  It was adorable to watch these two with the baby!
Noah was all about the baby.  Aidan was a bit more hesitant.  He understood being a big brother a little more and knew what was in store. 

Three of a kind makes for a full house, right guys!?

Becky’s arms and heart are full!

First family selfie!
I love this one.  It just looks like a complete circle of (or heart shaped) love.
You can tell they love their daddy.  Just look at Noah’s hand.
Congratulations McKelvey family.  I have loved these last 5 years of watching your family grow and it was such a privilege to be there to watch Ethan enter this world.  I am so thankful for you and your friendship!
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