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August 16, 2018

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Cue the confetti!!  School is back in session.  I have been swimming.  Not in the literal sense.  But in the sense that I have been slowly moving through my work this summer like trying to run in the water.  Having 3 kids at home for the summer has been awesome but tricky getting them to all of their activities, keeping them fed and happy and trying to balance work.  But now, school is in session and therefore I am going to be playing catch up to show you all of the amazing sessions I have done this summer!

First up…..Ashley and Kylie. These girls are step sisters and have been friends since they were in preschool together.  How fun is that?  It reminds me of a good ol’ fashioned after school special (anyone from the 80’s remember those?) where two friends conspire to get their parents together so they can be sisters.  Pretty sure that isn’t how it went down, but in my head it sounds fun!

I love that these girls made a day out of it!  They went and got their hair and makeup done so they would be feeling their most confident and wouldn’t have to stress about doing it all themselves.  Brilliant especially when you have 2 girls.  I can’t even imagine how hard it would be to get two teenage girls dressed, and do hair and makeup.  Christine was really smart to do it this way!

These ladies had a plan and I loved it!  They had in mind exactly what kind of photos they wanted and they brought along props to make the photos even more fun and personalized.  How amazing are these 2019 balloons???  They made it ALMOST all the way through the session.  At the very end, we lost two of the numbers (ironically it was the 1 and the 9).  We could have kept shooting with them if they would have been the class of 2020, but thankfully we were mostly done with them so it wasn’t a big deal!

Look at these girls with their mama.  I always strive to take a picture of the senior with their mom and they always end up to be my favorite!

These two aren’t just friends, they are sisters and they were a total joy to work with.  I love that a few weeks ago I ran into these girls at Nella’s where they work….and they were there working together.

Because there were two girls, we had a longer session.  I loved spending more time getting to know each of them and their mom.  By the end, we were all joking, laughing and having fun together.  While one of them was changing, I was able to take pictures of the other so we really maximized our time and by the end we were all tired!

Now for their individual photos.  Here is sweet Ashley.  She loves sushi, golf, the color purple and wants to be a nurse “when she grows up”.

This is one of my all time favorite set of pictures.  I love the big purple flowers and the fact that it looks like we are on a lush tropical island.  When in all reality, we were on the side of an ugly brown building that just happened to have a pretty 2 foot wide clematis bush. I love making photography magic.  I wish I would have taken a pull back shot to show you what it looks like from far away.

She has the model look down!  Look at that smolder.

She is gorgeous, don’t you think!?  I love the mountains in the background for these pictures.  Colorado is the BEST!

This location is one of my favorites.  It is so diverse and allowed us to get so many different looks for each girl.

I love it when the wind perfectly blows their hair!!

Ashley’s eyes are so bright and expressive!

At the very end of our session, we brought out the confetti and had some fun!  You would never know that these were taken while sitting in front of a white wall after the sun had set.  It was getting dark fast but we were able to make it happen!

Last, but not least is Kylie.  She is a Pom, is in Student Government and wants to go to college and travel in the future.

This burgundy wall was perfect for these Chatfield Chargers!  Doesn’t she have the cutest smile??

Kylie could be a model too!  Are you kidding me?!

And here is the “magic” photo for Kylie.  She was sitting on the sidewalk, squished in the middle of a rose bush.  But yet it looks like she is in a botanical garden.  So much fun to trick the eye!!

More from this beautiful grassy spot with the mountain background.  We all loved this funny one of Kylie raising her eyebrows!!

I think these bridge and lake pictures are my favorite!

Kylie made the BEST faces when she was blowing the confetti.  We had so much fun with these pictures.  And made a big mess!  Thankfully we were smart enough to lay a blanket over their lap so MOST of the confetti went onto the blanket and then we were able to brush it into the trash can.

Thanks Christine for going above and beyond to make sure this session was amazing!

Best of luck in your senior year Ashley and Kylie!  Go Chargers!

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