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December 4, 2018

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Every time we go on vacation I have these grand illusions of getting some family pictures.  However, I have a hard time finding a photographer in the area we are going who wants to come and just take a few pictures (as I am a control freak and want to take most of them myself- so I just need someone to take the pictures that I am in).  Or I just figure on taking them all myself (with me in them??? Think McFly…think).

Past Debacles:

In 2015 we were in Anna Maria Island (Florida) and about 2 minutes into the photo shoot my neice stepped on a jellyfish.  Pair that with the fact that my youngest (and my parents) was under the weather….let’s just say that there are VERY few pictures from that session.

In 2017 we went to Costa Rica.  I was still a bit gun-shy from our previous session and we didn’t have a rental car. Because of that we weren’t able to get around much in the evenings.  So we just sort of skipped pictures there.  REGRET.

So this time I was pretty determined to get them done!  I have a photographer friend who used to live in the Orlando area and she suggested a BEAUTIFUL location.  I brought my wireless trigger and my new brother-in-law who is a photographer as well and I was feeling good.  Of course, this time my middle kid was sick (although he pushed through like a champ) and my wireless trigger needed batteries (Think McFly…think).  I still wish we could have had a professional come (I did try one gal who was recommended and she never emailed me back…..check your email people) but I am overall REALLY pleased with how these came out.  Prepare yourself for an onslaught of pictures.

Looky….I made it into some pictures!  Only one kid who is now shorter than me.  They grow up SO stinkin’ fast.  Although I must say…I love this stage.  They are so much fun these days (and so much easier).  If only I didn’t have to constantly patrol screen time it would be perfection.  Thanks Levi for taking these for me.

Look at these cute kids.  8 cousins who all get along marvelously.

My parents are coming up on their 51st wedding anniversary.  What a great example they have been to us.

And here they are with their grandkids.  I love this picture.

My newest niece and nephew.  They were such a great addition to our vacation this year.  So easy to travel with and such bundles of fun, joy and laughter.

The Sculkey 7.  They are just the best.

It has been a joy to watch these two families come together.

I think these kids are pretty awesome!

I missed out on close up pictures of Noah.  Sorry buddy….but your time is coming!!  Senior Pictures are right around the corner.

We went to Lake Lousia state park and it was AMAZING!  The only downside was that at our first location (with these cool trees) there were a TON of mosquitoes.  So we took pictures REALLY fast and moved to the lake shore for sunset pictures.

The sun was setting and made such a beautiful backdrop against this lake.  The lake water was RED and a little bit creepy (I could just picture an alligator lurking in the murky water) so we kept our distance!

Thanks to everyone who indulged me and had great attitudes about doing these pictures.  It is SO helpful now that the kids can all get themselves ready and that they actually WANT pictures of themselves so they are more than happy to oblige me.   Also, these were the easiest pictures I have done with my family.  Everyone was so happy and I got some great fun, candid shots.

I even got a shot of my favorite guy.  He loved that this year I bought him a $5 t-shirt from Old Navy with mountains on it.  Want to know the reason I love the mountains so much….it is because of him.  So even though we were taking pictures at sea level, our hearts will always be in the mountains.  And he will actually wear this shirt again.  Win for the wifey!

Here is take one of the big group shot.  I had to set the camera on a deck railing and make a run for it.  First time didn’t go so well.

Second try was much better.  but I didn’t like how I was standing and slouching in (as if I was barely making it into the picture….which is what was happening).

So even though I was winded, I went for a third try.  And this is how it turned out (which I didn’t notice until I downloaded the images or I would have made everyone go for a 4th try).  Ugh.  Second shot it is.  Focus grasshopper….focus.  Not exactly the perfect shot I had envisioned in my head, but better than a jellyfish sting or not taking one at all.  And it was free.  Although I would have paid someone (wish she would have gotten back to me) to have a better picture than this one.  However, I am SUPER happy with how all of the other ones came out.

Boy/girl pictures.  Look how big all the kids are getting!

My niece and I.  We get mistaken for mother-daughter All. The. Time.  And we both love it.  She’s my girl!

So all in all…it was a success.  And I am glad I forced everyone to get dressed on our last night in Florida and take pictures.  Then afterwards, Levi rewarded us with some steaks.  That man knows how to work the grill and I am so thankful he is a part of our family (for more reasons than his cooking skills….but that definitely helps).

Moral of the story:

1).  Just do it.  Make the time.  Take the pictures.  It is worth the effort and you won’t regret it.

2). Pay someone to take your photos.  It will be worth it.

3).  If you are a business owner….check your email and get back to people!

4).  I still have a few openings if your extended family is going to be in town for the holidays and you want to take advantage of getting some family pictures done.  And I promise to check my email and get back to you within 24 hours.  It is my business policy and I take it very seriously.  I hate to leave people hanging.

Want to see more big, happy families?

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