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Remember a few weeks ago how I was lamenting that I really needed a baby fix?  Thankfully one of my favorite families had a baby and I knew I HAD to capture some images for them.  Going to the hospital once a baby is born for a Fresh 48 newborn hospital session is one of my favorite things to do!

Denver Fresh 48

They aren’t just any old family.  They are deeply meaningful to me.  You see these two are some of the most important people.  They invest 100% in my kids and their spiritual walk.  As a mom, your kids are one of the most important things and the people that invest in your kids are SUPER important and you are thankful for them.  Here is their first official family of four photo!

Fresh 48 Session Denver

Youth leaders speak into the lives of your kids when you can’t!  They are there for the big moments that you aren’t there for.  They go on mission trips and weekends with your kids.  They stay up late, speak hard truths and are WAY cooler than you are.  Brandon (and Whitney as a fellow leader and cheerleader for Brandon) has been influential in my oldest son’s life for the last 5 years and now my middle guy for the last few months and I am incredibly grateful.  Not only that, but they have the most beautiful family.

Fresh 48 Session

Sorry for all of the schmaltz….but now to highlight Theodore and his addition to this beautiful family.

Denver Newborn Photographer

Last year was brutal for the Lynch family.  Brandon’s dad was dying of brain cancer and in the midst of that, they also lost a baby.  Talk about a doozy of a year.  So when they got pregnant again, it was a huge blessing and a silver lining in an otherwise really crappy time of life.  Theodore is their little rainbow baby and a symbol of love, joy and beauty that is born out of so much pain.

Denver Rainbow Baby

One of the nurses knits these hats for families who have lost a baby and have a rainbow baby as a symbol of the promise of the rainbow after the storm.  Isn’t that the sweetest?

Rainbow Baby

Little Harper is the cutest and even being a big sister for only a few hours had assumed the role with gusto!  She calls him “Fee-o-doe” and it will make you weep with how cute it sounds.

Denver Hospital Newborn Denver Newborn Photographer Denver Hospital Photographer

Theo was so new and fresh that he was still all wrinkly from the amniotic fluid.

Macro Newborn Photography

You know how much I love feet.  But wrinkly little feet are a whole new level of love.

Newborn Feet

No detail is too small.  God works miracles with every new life.

Macro Feet

What a joy to be there to capture this special and redeeming time for this family who has been through so much this last year.

Littleton Hospital Photography Denver Hospital Photographer Littleton Newborn Photo

Whitney is beautiful all of the time but it really isn’t fair that she looks this good after giving birth a few hours before.

Littleton Hospital Photographer Denver Newborn Hospital

Welcome Theodore.  You struck gold when you were born into this loving and Godly family.  You are a lucky little fellow.

Fresh 48 session

Congrats Lynch family.  We love you so much, are incredibly grateful for you and can’t wait to watch Theodore grow up!

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