Ben- Downtown Littleton Senior Pictures

Oh how I love to go to Downtown Littleton for senior pictures (or any pictures for that matter).  Within just a few blocks you can find so much variation!

Senior Pictures in Alley

2020 has been a strange year.  But one perk of a slower pace is less crowds!  We were able to go all over downtown Littleton and didn’t have to worry about crowds.  This is particularly nice when clients are a little more shy.  No one feel comfortable taking pictures in front of a crowd, right?!

Alley Senior Pictures

Meet Ben.  Soft spoken.  Outdoorsy.  Mountain Biker.  Skier.

Urban Senior pictures

I have been lucky enough to work with this family a few times in the past.  Kristen and I just hit it off for their family pictures a few years ago and then I got to do Emma’s senior pictures soon after that.  Thankfully they came back for more and I couldn’t be more grateful for clients that come back again and again.

This buffalo (bison) shirt is awesome.  Kinda want to buy one for one of my sons.

Urban Senior Pictures

Ben loves trains so we found a fun little spot right near downtown Littleton and got some train pictures.  I love these!

Train Senior pictures

Train track pictures are not a good idea (don’t do it) but these train tracks are literally only under this historic train car and they aren’t actually connected to anything!!  I have only shot here one other time, but I think I need to come back and do a session with a smaller train obsessed little person.  Who’s in?

Train senior pictures

2021 is shaping up to be a strange year to graduate from high school, but I am sure Ben will make the most of it!  Best wishes on the rest of your senior year and beyond!

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Ben- Downtown Littleton Senior Pictures

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