Olivia- Littleton Senior Photographer

It is time to settle in for a long post.  Grab some coffee or a Dr. Pepper and prepare to enjoy some pictures of a beautiful young lady and her family.

I started taking pictures of Olivia (and the whole Kuiphoff family) 4+ years ago when she was a tween.  In the last few years she has transformed into a gorgeous young lady.

Not only is she beautiful on the outside, but she has a beautiful heart and it smart and extremely talented.  Olivia is what you call the “whole package”.

Don’t let that pretty face fool you.  She is in the IB program and is a smarty pants (and apparently could have a future in modeling).

Olivia chose Lair O’ The Bear for her photos.  Usually I steer clear of Lair O’ The Bear as it is insanely crowded during the summer.  However, COVID worked in our favor and we were able to do the session a little later than usual and the parks have been less crowded this year.  Win/win!

If you want further proof that she is awesome well….she works at Chick-fil-a.  You know she is quality because Chick-fil-a only hires the nicest kids.

I always tell seniors to save their favorite outfit for the end of the session.  Then they are more comfortable with me and being in front of the camera, they know how to pose and the lighting is usually the best!  Olivia took all of this to heart and her mom even texted me ahead of time so I could weigh in on the outfit choices.  In the end, they made an excellent choice.  This outfit was my favorite and the light was amazing.

Not only was the light beautiful, but the light shining within this girl is evident as well.  Please Lord let my boys find a girl like this to marry.

When I asked her what two things she couldn’t live without her answer was “I know this sounds cliché but it is true.  Jesus and my family”.  Do you see why I love her so much?

Do you spy this red chair?  Fun fact.  I am sitting in it right now.  We needed a “cute chair” for her to sit on while she played her cello so I grabbed this chair from my desk.  I might have to bring it more often to senior sessions.

Are you ready for another layer of awesomeness?  Olivia is a very gifted celloist.  She brought her cello along and even gave everyone in the park a little concert.  It was fun to see hikers and bikers pause when they heard the beautiful music.

She is a natural in front of the camera!

Fast forward a few months.  Brenda wanted some family pictures before Olivia goes off to college next fall.  So we did a quick mini session this fall.

I think Brenda (and Scott) are feeling the pinch of their oldest daughter leaving the nest soon.  My son is almost there too so I totally understand!

Are you tired of pretty pictures of this girl?  Good, me neither.

Eden is also blossoming into such a beauty.  She also has a great eye for photography!  Watch out world, this girl is going to do some amazing things!

What is funny is that she came along to Olivia’s senior session and I snapped a few photos of her.  Then just a few short months later I was amazed by how different she looked.  It was uncanny.  Kids between the age of 14 and 16 change so quickly and it happens before our eyes so we hardly see it when they are our own.  But from the outside looking in, the change is so dramatic!  I can’t wait to (hopefully) do her senior pictures in a few years.

One thing is very obvious….this family loves each other fiercely.

These girls remind me of me and my sister.  I love the sisterly bond!

Good quality kids come from good quality parents.  You won’t find better people than Brenda and Scott.

Brenda needed an updated headshot.  Be sure to ask me if you need a headshot during a family session.  I will always snap a few pictures for you!  You can see where these girls get their beauty from, right?!

#sorrynotsorry for the overload of pictures.  I just couldn’t pick my favorites.  Would you believe that we got all of these pictures (plus more) in less than 20 minutes.

Fall is my favorite.  It is so beautiful in Colorado in the fall.

You know we had to.

You made it!  Congratulations and thank you.  Want to see more amazing LiLo Senior and Family Pictures?  Check out the Gonzales Family and the Rose Family.

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Olivia- Littleton Senior Photographer

  1. Brenda Kuiphoff says:

    Thanks Lisa for the lovely tribute to Olivia and our family! You do amazing work and we are so glad we chose you to capture these special photos!!

  2. Deb says:

    Brenda was a big sister to my daughter when she lived here in PA. She was a wonderful influence on my daughter. I am not surprised she has a fantastic family !

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