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January 12, 2021

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The class of 2022 is near and dear to my heart!  Not only is my oldest son going to graduate in 2022 but so are my niece AND my nephew!  It is going to be a busy May for us as we attend 3 different graduations (hopefully COVID will be a thing of the past by then).  Senior pictures have always been a favorite of mine so I decided to up the game and do a senior rep team.  Below are all of the questions you might have…..if you just want to see pretty pictures of my son and nieces scroll to the bottom!

What is a Senior Rep Team?

A senior rep team is a group of kids who sign up to work exclusively with a photographer throughout their senior year.  They get to do a number of extra sessions and get extra perks.  In return, they help promote the photographer with their friends and social media network.  Each photographer does it a little bit differently.  Some photographers do the sessions for free but you have to buy the images afterwards.  Other photographers “pay” the seniors, either through free images or perks per referral.  There are tons of different ways to build the program.  If you are interested in doing a program, be sure to read all of the fine print and understand what is being asked of the senior and how much it costs.  Photographers never (or should never) do the program for free.  Be wary if you find a completely free program!

The 2022 LiLo Rep Team

The LiLo Rep Team is an exclusive group of seniors that get to do pictures for an entire year while representing LiLo Photography while becoming a leader in the community.  It is the price of my normal senior session ($599) and includes a full 90 minute senior session PLUS 4-6 group sessions throughout the year.  ALL of the images from ALL of the sessions are included with no further purchase required.  It is like getting 4-6 extra sessions for FREE!  We are also going to do at least one community service project along the way which helps with college applications and also encourages the seniors to be involved in something bigger than themselves.  My hope is these kids will grow in friendships, leadership and in the community as well as getting beautiful pictures.

Should I Apply?

Are you a leader who is outgoing, positive, community involved and are active on social media?  Then YES you should apply!  You need to be ready for a fun experience and open to making new friends (no drama please 🤣) and you need to be in the Denver Metro area.  That’s it!  I already have a few girls and even a couple of guys who are already signed up so space is limited.  As a part of the contract, you do need to post monthly about your experience with LiLo Photography so you must be comfortable doing that.  Also, the more people you refer, the more bonuses you get!

What Kinds of Sessions Are Included?

I am so excited about our group sessions as it is a chance for me to be creative and do things I have always wanted to do.  Although with COVID, I am still working out the details and I might have to change things.  For now, I am doing a headshot/get to know you session in February at a local studio in Highlands Ranch.  We are going to talk about posing, do some icebreakers and get some black and white headshot images.  Of course this summer we will do all of their individual senior pictures and then another group session (I am thinking smoke bombs if we don’t have a fire ban).  At Christmas we are going to be doing a service project and ugly Christmas sweaters!  Next spring we will FOR SURE do a Cap and Gown session and also they can bring shirts and do a college reveal.  Other than that, I have a few more secret projects up my sleeve.  I would love to do a destination session in the mountains or the Great Sand Dunes, but that will depend on a lot of factors (and will have an additional cost associated with it).

How and When Do I Apply?

The deadline for application is February 15th so the time is NOW!  I only have a handful of slots left so get going.  Click here for more information and click here to apply.

You made it!!!  Now do you want to see some pretty pictures?  These are to give you a feel for what it would be like to do some group sessions.  We did these pictures in two different locations and we spent about 15 minutes at each spot.  In the end….I edited over 140 pictures 😲.  Not bad for less than 30 minutes of shooting 😉.

This first spot is one of my favorite places. I love the mountains in the back. But it was really windy and cold so we didn’t spend much time up here.

Furry, hooded coats are my favorite.  Also, I love the black and white because it really shows of McKenzie’s freckles.

It was a bit too cold on the overlook so we moved to the road below.  Of course we had to move on and off the road a bunch of times because all of the sudden there was tons of traffic on this never busy road (Murphy’s Law).  But totally worth it to get these road pictures and it was snowing!

I got this jacket for my husband a few years ago off of Ebay and he LOVES it.  We call it his “Mountain Road” jacket (anyone watch Modern Family where Phil gets a jacket like this??) so it was perfect for some mountain road pictures.  The fact that my son can wear it (and not look completely overwhelmed in it) makes me 😭.

It was COLD so we moved on.  The place that I really wanted to shoot was closed because they were working on the road so we drove around quite a bit looking for a great location.  In the end, we pulled off on the side of a road in Evergreen (near a church where I shot a wedding YEARS ago).  Never underestimate the side of a road for pictures.  Which do you like better….black and white?

Or Color?

Carhartt hats are all the rage this year and they each got a hat for Christmas.  So naturally we had to get some pictures.  I think we might need to add in a Carhartt hat session in fall…what do you think?

Once that hats went on, they didn’t come off.  It was chilly (but totally worth it and again, I am quick so we were only out there for 15 minutes or so).

After having me photograph them for years, they are pretty good at posing.  This is one of my all-time favs.

Don’t mind me.  I am not crying.  These two were just babies a few years ago, right?!  Yikes….I am going to be a mess this entire next year.

I rarely get to do snow sessions and these two are avid skiers so it just made sense to get some fun pictures while also showing what kind of images you would get during the rep team sessions.

Don’t you just love the 70’s vibe from my 17 year old.

I literally took these photos while standing next to my car, which was parked on the side of the road.  All you really need is good lighting.

These were a little further away, but still.

Ski season sucks this year.  Therefore, we aren’t skiing (by we I mean the boys because I don’t ski) and I am so sad.

For some reason I feel like McKenzie looks like a Bond girl from a winter James Bond movie.  Don’t you think?

Thanks for indulging me this mom/aunt moment.  I love these guys and had so much fun hanging out with them for the afternoon.  I can’t wait to do more winter pictures with my 2022 rep team!

Click here for more Rep Team information.

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