Don’t Be Overwhelmed: Answers to Your Questions about Senior Photography

February 8, 2023

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Don’t be overwhelmed! I have all of the answers to your questions about senior photography!

Your kid is more than halfway through their junior year and you are starting to feel overwhelmed and a little emotional about their senior year. You feel like you are already behind the ball and you have so many questions about everything but one thing that is really on your mind is….senior pictures. You need answers to your questions about senior photography. I got you! I am here to give you all the details and when, where, why and how!

When do I need to start thinking about senior photography?

Senior pictures are typically done the summer before their senior year anywhere from May through October. Most schools have deadlines for the yearbook in the early fall so make sure you have the photos taken at least 3-4 weeks prior to the deadline so your photographer has time to process and edit the photos and so you have time to go through them and choose your favorite. My favorite month to do senior pictures is June as the weather is cooler, the grass is greener and the flowers are in full bloom. Later in the summer can get hot and dry in Colorado. These pictures were all taken in late May so you can see how green everything is.

Denver Senior Photographer takes Denver senior photos of a girl with long blonde wavy hair in a pink dress with ruffles sitting in the middle of a green area with leaves all around. It is a collage of 3 images.

Rep Team or Model Team Sign Up

I have a rep team (or a model team) that works with me for the entire year (March-November) and that signup happens in January and February. If you are interested in an experience that is AMAZING, check out this page and sign up quickly. The photos from this entire blog are from the individual session I did with my beautiful 2023 Rep Team member, Faith’s session. Isn’t she gorgeous?

Meet Rep Team Member Faith

Faith exudes joy, light and a pureness. You can’t help but fall in love with her and her piercing green eyes. She is headed off to CCU (my alma mater) next fall and I know she is going to THRIVE there. Faith was an integral part of my team and was such an encouragement to the rest of the kids.

Littleton Senior Pictures

Answer to the Question- Where to Look For a Photographer?

The next question you might be asking is, how do I find a photographer. You have several different options here. The best place to find a senior photographer is to ask your friends who are a little bit ahead of you. Did they like their experience? What did they like AND dislike? Look at the photos and see if they match your style. Check out their website and their Instagram page to see if their work is quality and to check out their pricing. This is the best place to start when you are looking for a photographer.

The next best thing is to let your fingers do the walking and GOOGLE it! Use several different searches (like Denver/Littleton Senior Photographer or Denver/Littleton Senior Pictures) and look through 2-5 pages. Sometimes the first page or two are paid ads so make sure you keep that in mind that the top ones that show up do not always mean the best. Click on their websites, blogs and then head to Instagram and look there too. Another tip is to look at the “Images” tab of your google search and see what draws your eye.

Denver Senior Photographer takes a picture of a young girl with green eyes holding a book.
Littleton Senior Pictures for a girl leaning against a rock wall with greenery all around.
Littleton Senior Pictures for a girl in a white dress with blue and green dots. She is sitting against a rock wall smiling with her green eyes.

Answer to the Question- What Do I Look For In A Photographer?

There are two main types of photographers. Some photographers (like me) include all of the digital images. They may seem more expensive but that is because everything is included. Other photographers charge more of a “sitting fee” just for them to show up and then you have to purchase the images and prints afterwards. They might look cheaper up front but make sure you ask for a price list before you book so you aren’t taken by surprise after the session. I have had a lot of parents come to me after an experience where they couldn’t afford or didn’t like the pricing structure. Just make sure you know what you are getting when you book!

Another thing to look for is someone who has been in business for a little while and provides good customer service. Do they respond quickly? Are they giving you ideas on locations and outfits? Do you like their poses? Are they guiding you through the process easily? These are great questions to ask your friends when they are recommending “their” photographer.

A collage of three images in the bright sunshine of a senior girl in a white lacy shirt holding flowers and smiling at a Denver Senior Photographer.

The Earlier the Better

When is the best time to reach out to a photographer? The sooner the better! If you start the process early, you get to break up the payments. When you book with me you do a deposit when you book and then pay the rest on the day of your session. Which means you have a few months to break up the payments and that can be so helpful when you are heading into an expensive season of life.

The other helpful part of reaching out early is that you get the best pick of dates. If you have a good photographer, their dates might be limited or they might be booked out pretty far in advance. So reach out early and get it off of your list and on to your calendar.

Denver Senior Photographer captures a closeup of a girl with green eyes staring at the camera with a book on her hands covering her face.

Answer to the Question- What are the best locations for Senior Pictures?

This can be a tough question, but ideally your photographer should help you find the perfect location. You can also google this and look for locations near you but be sure you find out about permits and fees. Many locations require permits for commercial photography. If you want to know my favorite locations, check out this blog.

Gardens, main streets, and state or local parks are great places to do senior pictures. The more variety within the location, the better. We did Faith’s pictures at Lair O’ The Bear, a local park in the mountains above Denver. It does require a permit and the rangers do check, so make sure you are prepared.

Answer to the Question- What to Wear for Your Senior Pictures?

Again, this is something your photographer should be helping you with. I have a video that I send to my clients that breaks it down. This is especially helpful for senior boys! If you want to see the video, click here. A good rule of thumb is 3-4 outfits and to choose from dressy, casual and a themed outfit that goes with your props. Ask your photographer for more tips and tricks when it comes to what to wear. All of Faith’s clothes came from Giggleblossom boutique because her mom owns it. They have the most amazing clothes so you should check it out!

Girl in black shirt and mom jeans smiles on a bridge at Lair O the Bear Park in Morrison colorado for her Denver senior pictures.

Answers to Your Questions About Senior Photography

Hopefully this was helpful but you might have even more questions. I would love to help you through the process and make you and your senior feel incredible during your senior photography experience. Reach out to me if you want to get started.

A collage of pictures of a girl laying on a blanket in a green top with flowers around her and then another one of her leaning on a fence at Lair o the bear park in Morrison captured by a Littleton Senior Photographer.

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