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February 6, 2018

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Hey Everyone!  Happy February!

I am starting some new things this year and number one on my list was forming an email list for my LiLo clients and friends.  I wanted a way to be able to serve my people in a better and more effective way and so I am trying all sorts of new things this year.  I needed a way to be able to communicate these changes so that everyone can be “in the know” so I created an email list.  It is only once a month and contains all kinds of funny stories, recipes and a monthly photography special.

If you haven’t signed up yet….click here.

Since this is the month of love….I decided to do a special that had to do with love.  However, it isn’t what you think it is going to be.  This month it is all about loving yourself and your business!  Which means the special this month is Head Shots.  We are all our own worst critic and usually we don’t love having pictures of ourselves.  Most of us don’t even like selfies!!

Raise your hand if it has been more than 2 years since you have had a head shot taken!!!  I am guessing there are a lot of hands in the air right now.  Think back to what your life was like 2 years ago.  Have you changed jobs?  Have you had a baby since then?  Have you gotten married or divorced?  Have you ended a relationship and are looking to start a new one?  Is your current LinkedIn photo from your last job?  If any of the answers to these questions are YES, then it is time.

I want to help you put your best foot forward this year.  Are you looking to change jobs?  Do you want to start a new business?  Do you want a killer picture for an online dating profile?  Then you need a new picture!!  A small investment will go a LONG way towards making your goals this year (and you can usually write it off as a business expense or get your company to help pay for it).

In that light, I am going to give you a little love.  Here are a few tips to ensure you get the best head shots possible.

  1.  Hire a professional.  Having a professional take a professional picture that fits you and your job and life is priceless.  Trust me….anything is better than that out of date picture, or the fuzzy phone snapshot of you with a beer in your hand (no judgement on the beer, it just isn’t always the best way to present yourself).  A professional knows how to coax you out of your shell and make you feel comfortable so you have a natural smile.  A professional knows how to make you stand to make sure that you are looking your best.  A professional can tailor the setting to fit your personality and specific goals.
  2. Put your best foot forward.  Pay for professional hair and makeup.  If you can’t afford this then arrange to get your hair cut on the day of your pictures and have your stylist do your hair.  Or have a friend do your hair and makeup for you.  If you take a little extra time (and money if you have it) then you will feel more comfortable and confident in front of the camera.
  3. Wear something comfortable and flattering.   Women, don’t hide under a big flowy shirt.  It will actually make you look larger than you are.  Instead choose a little more form fitting shirt and then if you are self conscious, add a cute jacket or vest over the top.  If you don’t normally wear a suit to work, then don’t wear a suit for your pictures!  Likewise if you don’t normally wear and dress and high heels, don’t wear that to pictures.  Obviously you don’t want to wear old jeans and a sweatshirt but you still want the pictures to look like you and not a fake version of yourself.
  4. Plan your outfit a few days in advance.  Have someone take a picture of you in the outfit and see how it looks.  Once when I was getting head shots of myself done, I went and bought a new outfit that I loved in the store and then wore it to get my head shots and I HATED it when I saw the pictures later.  I even returned the outfit and never used any of those pictures for anything.  So try things on ahead of time, take a picture in the mirror or better yet have a friend or spouse take a picture for you.  Then ask someone  you know will be honest with you and get their opinion.  You can always send the picture to your photographer too.  I am happy to help you make good decisions for pictures.
  5. Make sure you communicate with your photographer.  What do you need the photos for?  Do they need to be a certain size?  Do they need to be portrait or landscape?  Do they need to “match” your company’s website.  The more information you can give your photographer, the better!  Include links to your website (or your company’s).  I once did head shots for a gal and she sent over a 3 PAGE instruction sheet on EXACTLY what the company wanted.  Seemed like a bit of overkill, but you know what?!  I knew exactly what I had to do to make sure those pictures were perfect for her company’s website and it took the guess work out for me and ensured that her money was well spent so that the company didn’t reject the photos.
  6. Want to save a little money?  Get a few friends or co-workers together and schedule the sessions back to back in the same location.  It will make it more time effective for the photographer and therefore will be more cost effective for you.  Most photographers will do a group discount (I know I do).
  7. Bring a friend.  This will help you be more relaxed and he/she can make sure you are looking your best.  Better yet, schedule sessions together and again…get a discount!
  8. Ask your photographer for a quick head shot during your family photo session.  Why not get more bang for your buck!?  I am always happy to do a quick head shot during family pictures and I bet most photographers are as well.  Just ask!


I want to give you some examples.  I was inspired last month when a friend asked me to re-do the background of his head shot from the bright green (which was the background from his former company) to black so as to better match the website for his new real estate venture.  As I was changing the background in photoshop I thought, this isn’t going to work.  This photo doesn’t look anything like him nor does it look like a realtor.  It is a great photo (I am not knocking the photographer that took this picture AT ALL) but it wasn’t a good representation of his new job.  So I emailed him and suggested we spend a few minutes and update his picture so it would better represent his new career.  What do you think?

Old Picture.  (with the green and then with the LiLo black background)

New Picture.  Isn’t this so much better?  Don’t you want to buy a house in this hot Denver market right now?

Here is sweet Audrey.  Her company had the 3 page document.  But isn’t this a great picture?

This gal is a sommelier (wine steward).  So during family pictures we did a quick little picture of her by some grape vines.

These guys are legit Ghost busters and do ghost tours.  So they wanted their photos in a cemetery.  It was such a cool session!

Every year I take pictures for the R&R Old Bag Luncheon fundraiser (stayed tuned later this week for a blog on the event).  They always have me come early and do head shots and a group picture of their board members.  These women are so giving, kind and I love doing their pictures.  This year, in anticipation of this blog, I had them stand however they wanted for the first picture.  Then I posed them, just to see what a difference it made.

Now this woman is beautiful no matter what.  But see how she stood with her full body to the camera?   Also, people tend to move their neck back away from the camera making a double chin (not just her….everyone, even the skinniest of people do this and it isn’t flattering).

Instead I angled her to the camera, had her put her hand on her hip to create space between her arm and her body and then had her lean TOWARDS the camera making her chin look as fabulous as it should!  Isn’t it a more flattering pose?  This is why you hire someone professional to do your pictures!  They make you look good!

Whether you have your own business selling Arbonne or Noonday or if you are in construction or a dance teacher….great head shots will help you grow professionally this year!

So THIS MONTH ONLY: The head shot special is $200 for 15 minutes and 5 photos (sized however needed) in a downloadable online gallery.  You also get a preconsultation via phone or email to make sure that we get photos that represent you and meet your needs.  Contact me for group/corporate discounts.  Must book by February 28th, 2018.

Give me a shout and let’s make it happen this month!  To see more pictures follow me on Instagram, Facebook or head back to my website.

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