The Lindsey Family- Denver Family Photographer

Are you ready for yet another installment of Lisa’s favorite clients?  Good!  Once again, I am so lucky to have such loyal clients that come back year after year until eventually they become friends instead of clients.  I guess it also helps that Emily and I were friends before I ever took pictures of them.  She and I worked at D’Evelyn together and when she got pregnant with Mallory, I did maternity photos and the rest is history!

It is hard to believe that Mallory is now in Kindergarten and clearly full of personality!

Grant is now in 1st grade and in true 1st grade fashion….he lost his teeth.  This stage is my favorite.  It kind of symbolizes the end of the toddler days and the beginning of elementary school with all that entails.  Plus it is just so dog-gone cute!  My sister is a 1st grade teacher and she is an expert at pulling out teeth.  It is a pre-requisite for being a 1st grade teacher.

Last but certainly not least is Carolyn.  I have known her since she took her first breath….literally.  Being in the room for a birth is always a joy but Carolyn’s birth will always be a special one and the images still make me all gooey inside.

The thing I love best about this family is that they are so laid back and true to themselves when we do pictures.  We laugh, run around, make silly faces, the kids love on each other then get annoyed with each other just like in real life.  Have I said that they are my favorite?  They are.

Look how Grant kept kissing his sisters and wrapping them up.  Isn’t that the sweetest?  I didn’t even tell him to do that.

Not sure what I was saying in this photo, but clearly they were all trying not to laugh.  I probably said something about farts.  That usually works best when it comes to little kids.

Emily always nails it when it comes to picking out outfits.  Everyone needs to take a page out of her book!

These images just might be my favorite.  I have a similar picture with my kids when they are about these ages and it is my favorite!  Which do you like best the color or the black and white?  I couldn’t decide!

Just the boys.

Last year it was a real stretch to get the sister picture.  This year….easy peasy.  Parents… pictures get SO MUCH EASIER as the kids get older.  Pair that with the fact that the kids know me and enjoy picture day and it is a cinch to get pictures that are beautiful and show their genuine personalities.

I swear there is just a special little sparkle in these kids’ eyes.  Also…I spy a little cat stuffed animal.  Grant brought along a special friend.

Want to see a little Behind the Scenes magic?  I have little camera buddies that go on my lens to help the kids look in the right place.  This is my little giraffe guy (who really needs a name).  I love to let the kids participate in the pictures (as it makes them more cooperative and smiley) so I let them push the buttons and take pictures.  Grant was REALLY into it this year and put my giraffe on the ground and took a picture.  Look how good it turned out!  I think we might have a budding photographer on our hands.

Thanks Lindsey family for being so cute and cooperative and awesome.  I love you guys and I can’t wait for next year!


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Denver Family Photographer




The Lindsey Family- Denver Family Photographer

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