Littleton Senior Pictures- Riley

December 12, 2021

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These Littleton Senior Pictures were quite the adventure. I have NEVER had anything happen like this.

Littleton Senior Pictures

But first, let me introduce you to Riley!

Littleton Senior Pictures

This bridge is one of my favorites. Especially when it has a beautiful senior on it.

Littleton Senior Pictures Littleton Senior Pictures

They recently put some signage on this bridge and I had to get creative in order to block it! In the top photo, you can see the sign, so I had to move a bit in order to block the sign. I could have used Photoshop to remove it, but WHY when I can do it by shifting to the side a bit. It is like magic!

See how easy it is to hide that sign when you take a little time and move around to make it right?

Littleton Senior Pictures

This is my favorite senior location. Bridge, river, wild flowers, tall grasses, cool stone building…it checks all of the boxes.

Littleton Senior Pictures Littleton Senior Pictures

The river was so high when we did these photos! I am not sure I have ever seen it so fast and furious.

Littleton Senior Pictures Littleton Senior Pictures

If I find a tiny patch of wildflowers, I will always ask you to sit for some photos.

Littleton Senior Pictures

This is where the photo shoot got crazy!!!!

Littleton Senior Pictures

See these rocks? They are on the right side of the path (above). The river is on the left side about 10 feet down. Remember how I said that the river was raging???

Littleton Senior Pictures

As I was taking this photo, Riley’s eyes got really big.

Littleton Senior Pictures

I turned around and saw this coming around the corner about 20 feet down the path from where we were doing photos.

Littleton Senior Pictures

Keep in mind that on one side is rocks and on the other side is the raging river about 10 feet down (with rocks in it). We literally had NO WHERE TO GO!!  Do you see how close this moose was to us? And peep Riley just smiling as if nothing is wrong…not sure she knew how much danger we were in.

Littleton Senior Pictures

I have always wanted to see a moose, but not quite this close. Not only that, moose are not known for their friendly demeanor. Needless to say….I was REALLY nervous. Thankfully this guy just walked right on by and didn’t even look our way. Good thing, because we would have had to jump into the river and that would have been really dangerous. He literally passed within about 4 feet of us.

Littleton Senior Pictures

Riley took it all in stride and didn’t even blink an eye and continued looking like a model.

Littleton Senior Pictures Littleton Senior Pictures

She is a rockstar soccer player at Columbine, on her club team and she just commited to play soccer for UNC next fall. So exciting!!!

Littleton Senior Pictures Littleton Senior Pictures

Sorry for the overload of photos…but I just can’t help myself. I think this one is my favorite. I love how her eyes just pop!

Littleton Senior Pictures Littleton Senior Pictures

At the end of the session, the clouds parted and we were rewarded with beautiful sunshine! A perfect ending for this beautiful sunny blonde.

Littleton Senior Pictures

Riley, best of luck on your senior year and your college career in the fall!

Littleton Senior Pictures

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