Phillip- Denver Newborn Photographer

March 11, 2022

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I haven’t been able to do many Denver fresh 48 pictures in the last two years.

Denver Hospital Photographer
They are my FAVORITE and it has killed me not being able to snuggle freshly baked babies.

Denver Hospital Photographer

Thankfully, I have friends in high places! Or at least friends who are totally fine with me saying “it is okay if I come to the hospital and take pictures of your tiny new baby, right?”.

Denver Hospital Photographer

Little Phillip came a month early, but he defied the odds and didn’t even spend a minute in the NICU. He is so strong and healthy despite his early appearance.

Denver Hospital Photographer

You know how I feel about little baby toes. Pair that with a hospital blanket and it is my dream come true. They are extra cute and wrinkly when they are less than 48 hours old.

Denver Hospital Photographer

A few days later, I did “real” newborn photos and they are some of my all-time favs!

Denver Newborn Pictures

Denver Newborn Pictures

This beautiful couple has waited a long time to be parents.

Denver Newborn Pictures Denver Newborn Pictures

Their faithfulness and patience is remarkable!

Denver Newborn Pictures

Want to hear a cool story? They have struggled with infertility for a few years but they were just trusting God with the timing for their baby. Finally, they decided that if they weren’t pregnant by the June 1st, they would go seek infertility treatment. However, they kind of forgot about their hard deadline when out of the blue, they got a positive pregnancy test. The best part….their first ultrasound to determine if the pregnancy was viable was on June 1st. They saw Phillip’s heart beating strong for the first time on the date they were planning to seek help. Isn’t God so good??

Denver Newborn Pictures

Cue the tears. He is perfection (and already smiling because he knows it).

Denver Newborn Pictures

Rachael and Mark go to our church and they are some of the most faithful people who serve and love others so well. It was an honor to spend the afternoon with them just loving on Phillip and taking cute pictures. I have the BEST job!

Denver Newborn Pictures

Up until now, Bandit has been their baby. So naturally, we had to include him in some of the pictures.

Denver Newborn Pictures

He has become quite the protector of little Phillip.

Denver Newborn Pictures

And perhaps stole the show a little bit.

Denver Newborn Pictures

Here are their “sibling” pictures. 😍

Denver Newborn Pictures

I mean seriously, does it get any cuter than this?

Denver Newborn Pictures

It sure does, just check out the overhead view.

Denver Newborn Pictures

The biggest perk of being a Denver Newborn Photographer is the cuddles!

Denver Newborn Pictures

This sweet boy was incredible during his photoshoot. He barely made a peep and was very cooperative!

Denver Newborn Pictures

Look at these beautiful details. Even at 4 weeks early, he still was born with eyelashes and that is rare!

Denver Newborn Pictures

Denver Hospital Photographer

Mark is a big USC fan. He only had one request for the pictures and that was to include some USC gear. I have always known he was a big fan but he told me that over 30 family members have graduated from them. No wonder why he is a superfan…he has no choice!

Denver Newborn Pictures

I love the way these came out! So different from anything I have ever done before, which I love!

Denver Newborn Pictures

I saved the best photo for last. There is nothing like being in your father’s strong, protective hands. Congratulations Mark and Rachael! I am so happy for you guys.

Denver Newborn Pictures

Want to see more Littleton Newborn Pictures? Check out Sam or Theodore.

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