Logan- Denver Birth Photographer

November 23, 2021

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Would you like to see something magical? You are about to see a baby go from in-utero, to birth, to newborn in one “short” blogpost! I am SO behind on blogging and I wish I could do three separate posts, but Logan is already 5 months old 😬😲. So you get 3 for the price of 1! What a deal.

I first started with this family when I was a Denver Wedding Photographer! I have known them from the beginning and been lucky enough to follow them from engagement, to wedding, to the birth of their first baby and now the birth of their second baby. How lucky is that? I have been there for all of their major milestones and I am so incredibly grateful to be a Denver Birth Photographer and Denver Newborn Photographer.

Now it is time for little Logan to shine.

Maternity Pictures

This summer we met up at a beautiful (and lush) park to do family pictures and maternity pictures. Camden and I are good buddies and even though he was a little camera shy this time, he still stole the show.

Denver Maternity Photographer Denver Maternity Photographer

Just look at those baby blues.

Denver Maternity Photographer Denver Maternity Photographer

He is a complete mama’s boy and wanted to snuggle and stay close to her side.

Denver Maternity Photographer Denver Maternity Photographer Denver Maternity Photographer

Favorite. Oh my heart.

Denver Maternity Photographer Denver Maternity Photographer

He also had a really funny habit of putting his hand down her shirt. Apparently he does it when he is tired or sad or needs comfort. Funny what kids do to bring themselves comfort. If you look close you just might see his hand (or not see his hand…depending on how you look at it).

Denver Maternity Photographer Denver Maternity Photographer Denver Maternity Photographer

This family is the cutest! I just love them so much.

Denver Maternity Photographer

Isn’t Brittany just absolutely stunning?

Denver Maternity Photographer Denver Maternity Photographer Denver Maternity Photographer

Just when I thought the session couldn’t get any better, she pulled out the red dress and I swooned.

Denver Maternity Photographer Denver Maternity Photographer Denver Maternity Photographer

These two are so in love and are the best parents.

Denver Maternity Photographer Denver Maternity Photographer

This is what motherhood looks like. It is a constant juggle, but brings so much joy.

Denver Maternity Photographer Denver Maternity Photographer Denver Maternity Photographer

Not only did she juggle Camden, but she willingly got down on the ground and did everything I asked and more. #rockstar

Denver Maternity Photographer Denver Maternity Photographer Denver Maternity Photographer

Yay for Denver Maternity Pictures.


Fast forward a few weeks and I got a text around 11:00 pm that Brittany was at the hospital and that they were likely to meet their baby boy in the next few hours. A few texts and a short nap later, I was headed to the hospital. There is something about going to the hospital in the middle of the night to meet a new baby….especially on a warm summer night. It was quiet and peaceful and filled with anticipation.

COVID has made everything weird, but they were gracious enough to let both Brittany’s mom and I (as well as Nick) in the room. Sometimes we were kicked out or one of us was asked to leave to fit their 2 person mandate but it depended on the doctor or nurse who was in charge and for the most part they respected the wishes of Brittany and her birth plan.

After a nap and some rest, they decided to break her water. And that is when things got rolling (finally!). Pretty sure the doctors wait to break the water until it is convenient for them! 😉 Because once the water breaks with a second baby it is go time.

These are all tastefully and nothing is very graphic, but if you aren’t into this kind of thing….skip down a few photos.

It always cracks me up how the doctors always stretch the babies and aren’t worried about them being too fragile! Isn’t it amazing to see the miracle of life??? It makes me cry EVERY SINGLE TIME.

Logan was born with a true knot in his cord. It is VERY rare and only occurs in about 2% of babies. The doctor was excited and wanted to show it off!

This is why women forget about childbirth. It is ALL worth it the second it is over.

Denver Birth Photographer

Denver Birth Photographer

What a little sweetie pie. So loved…right from the beginning.

Denver Birth Photographer

I love how pink and wrinkly they are when they are first born.

Denver Birth Photographer

Then it was time for some warming and a chance to check him out properly. Dad was there every step of the way. This is why I love being there for birth photos. The mom is often getting stitched, cleaned and delivering the placenta and misses out on seeing all of this. But not if I am there!

Denver Birth Photographer

Look how intensely they are looking at each other.

Denver Birth Photographer

Perfect in every way.

Denver Birth Photographer

Funny enough it is often 20-60 minutes before dads get a chance to hold the baby! They always looks so small in their dad’s arms.

Denver Birth Photographer

Mom’s turn again.

Denver Birth Photographer

Camden wasn’t able to come to the hospital (stupid COVID mandates) so this partial family photo was the best we could do.

Denver Birth Photographer

It really isn’t fair that Brittany looks that good without makeup, with little to no sleep and having just given birth.

Denver Birth Photographer

You know me….it is all about the feet. Look at the rolls on those chunky newborn feet. 😍

Denver Birth Photographer

Being a Denver Birth Photographer is a dream come true!

Then 7 days later it was time for…..

Newborn Photos

Brother pics. Hard with a not-quite-2-year-old but not impossible! Logan is yawning and not screaming in the photo….just wanted to make that clear!

Newborn photos are always a little bit more energetic with a toddler around. Thankfully Brittany’s mom was on hand to help wrangle Camden (thank Paula).

I know what you are thinking. These are just about the cutest brother pictures ever! I was thinking the same thing.

And NOW we get the first “official” Walker family of four picture.

Oh my heart. These make my heart sing.

He was so sweet with his baby brother.

Camden had lunch with Grandma and Grandpa while we got to focus our energy on baby Logan a little bit.

Denver Newborn Photographer

His skin was perfection. Most newborns are red and splotchy with dry skin. But not this guy.

Denver Newborn Photographer

He even smiled for me. What a good boy.

Denver Newborn Photographer

Obligatory LiLo baby feet photo.

Denver Newborn Photographer

And another one because I am just trying to please the crowd (and by crowd I mean me). Look at those chubby toes and the wrinkles.

Denver NeDenver Newborn PhotographerDenver Newborn PhotographerDenver Newborn PhotographerDenver Newborn PhotographerDenver Newborn PhotographerDenver Newborn PhotographerDenver Newborn PhotographerDenver Newborn Photographerwborn Photographer

Back to your regularly scheduled baby pics.

Denver Newborn Photographer

Brittany…you are stunning and these mom/baby pics just might be my favorite.

Denver Newborn Photographer

Of all time. So moody and full of utter joy and contentment.

Denver Newborn Photographer

And there you go.  Stay tuned for his 4 month photos (I told you I was behind!).

Want to see more from this family? Check out Camden’s Maternity Pics, Camden’s Birth and Camden’s Newborn photos. In true first kid fashion he gets way more attention.  😂😉😜

Logan- Denver Birth Photographer

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