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Is It Time for a Brand Refresh or a Rebrand?

As we head into 2024, you might be feeling like you are ready for a fresh start for your business and your brand. But you are probably wondering…what do I need to do? You might even be wondering what is the difference between a refresh and a rebrand. As a branding photographer and branding coach, […]

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Denver commercial photographer photographs detail shot of woman working on her laptop with a cup of pens and florals on her desk

Do you have an FAQ guide for your potential clients?? When you’re first getting started as a Denver commercial photographer, it can be hard to know where to invest your time! In my experience, I’ve found that having a guide is one of the best investments for growing your business. Here’s everything you need to […]

Do You Have an FAQ Guide as a Denver Commercial Photographer?


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Denver Commercial Photographers captures branding photos of woman wearing bright pink pants and royal blue top wearing fun pink earrings.

What the deal with branding photography? It is all the buzz right now and you are probably wondering what the hype is all about. And sure, the pics look incredible, but do you really need personal branding photography? Of course, you could probably scrape by without it, but as a Denver commercial photographer and small […]

Why You Need Personal Branding Photography


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branding photography by Denver commercial photographer with man in a navy blue shirt with his arms crossed standing against a bright yellow wall for his headshots

You’ve done it. You booked your first branding session. Congrats to you…seriously! But now you’ve got a few questions on your mind. What type of photos should you ask for? What should you expect? As your Denver commercial photographer, I’m here to help you every step of the way. Most importantly, I am spilling the […]

Must Have Photos for Your Branding Photography Session


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store opening brand pictures with denver commercial photographer capturing two young woman holding a pair of large red scissors together in front of their store front

I’m gonna say it…Are you ready? Here’s my hot take: public locations are the BEST for Denver branding photos.  Right?! I’ve worked for years as a Denver commercial photographer. I’ve done tons of branding photos. After all that, I think that public spaces are the best! Here’s why. Free Denver Branding Photos Locations! First, you […]

Why Public Locations Are The Best For Denver Branding Photos


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denver commercial photographer captures golfing brand photos with a woman in a hot pink top and a white golfing skirt holding a golf club over her shoulder and smiling for her denver headshots

Amazing headshots have so many uses: social media profiles, LinkedIn, business marketing, or even just your email signature. Maybe you need to attach one to your acting resume! No matter what you need them for, get the best Denver headshots! Headshots are tricky, and as a Denver commercial photographer, I want to share with you […]

Denver Headshots Mistakes Made When Choosing A Location


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prepare for branding photos with denver commercial photographer with woman in a a hot pink blazer laughing as she stands against a red background for her headshots

Branding photography is the next step to growing your business and increasing your credibility online. If you’ve never done any branding photos, you might be curious on what to expect! Since I’m a Denver commercial photographer, I get a lot of questions about branding photography. I’ve done a ton of these kinds of sessions, so I’m […]

5 Tips To Prepare For Branding Photos

Denver Branding Photographer

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denver commercial photographers photographs woman in a simple black dress sitting on a cream couch with her phone and smiling for brand photos

Branding photography is a secret weapon for success. Having a large gallery of images that you can pull from quickly and easily will help you level up your biz, reach your ideal clients, and make you MONEY! Don’t believe me? Here’s a list of ways you can use branding photos to grow your business from my […]

How & Where To Use Your Branding Photography


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unique backdrops for branding photos with woman sitting in front of a bright orange couch in a studio space while wearing roller skates and tall socks

Sometimes, creativity comes naturally. Other times, you’ve gotta dig deep to find a new creative angle.  As a Denver commercial photographer, I’ll tell you honestly: it’s the creative-digging that’ll really level up your photos. When you get need creative and unique images, backdrops and location is key! Let me share a few exercises that I […]

Find Unique Backdrops For Branding Photos


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Brand pictures by Denver commercial photographers with woman putting on a suit coat while standing in the mirror and posing with a rack of coats behind her

“How do you do it?” Since I’ve worked for so many years as a Denver commercial photographer, I get asked A LOT about how to take professional photos. Photography is an art in its own right! It requires study and skill, and, of course, practice. That being said, there are a few tips I can […]

Professional Photos With Lighting, Composition & Focus


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