Littleton Senior Pictures

Cap and Gown Mini Sessions- Littleton Senior Pictures

Hello class of 2022! It is your time to shine. There is nothing better than seeing young people on the brink of the excitement of starting their adult lives. Cap and Gown sessions are some of my all-time favorites! They always look so happy and hopeful and excited about the future. These kids are from […]

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Grab a Dr. Pepper and settle in! This is where I showcase my LiLo seniors, boss babes and personal shenanigans. 

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Hey Friends!

Denver Newborn Pictures

I haven’t been able to do many Denver fresh 48 pictures in the last two years. They are my FAVORITE and it has killed me not being able to snuggle freshly baked babies. Thankfully, I have friends in high places! Or at least friends who are totally fine with me saying “it is okay if […]

Phillip- Denver Newborn Photographer


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Denver Newborn Photos

Wilder. What a great name. And somehow his name perfectly fits the vibe of these Denver newborn pictures. I took pictures of Wilder’s cousin, Gus a few years ago. How cool that Gus’ parents gifted this newborn session to Wilder for a baby gift? Clearly he loved these pictures as much as I did. His […]

Denver Newborn Photographer- Wilder


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Denver Newborn Photographer

Want to know the best part about being a Denver Newborn Photographer? Being able to capture sweet families like this one! I first met this cute family when they were the three musketeers last summer. Now they have grown by two feet. See what I did there. 😉 This little guy threw everyone for a […]

Sam- Denver Newborn Photographer


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Denver Birth Photographer

Would you like to see something magical? You are about to see a baby go from in-utero, to birth, to newborn in one “short” blogpost! I am SO behind on blogging and I wish I could do three separate posts, but Logan is already 5 months old 😬😲. So you get 3 for the price […]

Logan- Denver Birth Photographer


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Hello little Stanley.  Welcome to 2020. At one point Ashley thought she was going to have to choose between having her husband in the room, or having her doula.  No offense to husbands, but if you are having natural childbirth a doula is WAY more helpful than a husband.  Thankfully, she didn’t have to choose!  […]

Stanley- Littleton Newborn Photographer

Littleton Newborn Photography

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Denver Newborn Baby Photo

Remember this little cutie from his birth story a few weeks ago?  Well, now it is time to highlight his newborn session! Doesn’t Camden look so sleepy and adorable? I have started to keep a little more white and clean with my set ups as of late.  I love the simplicity and beauty of the […]

Camden Newborn- Denver Newborn Photographer

Denver Newborn Photographer

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Because this is an adoption situation, I have to be really sensitive about how I share these photos.  But these images are some of my favorite newborn images to date and so I am bursting at the seams to share them with you.  Sorry about the ambiguity and the fact that there are no names […]

Baby G- An Adoption Newborn Session

Denver Newborn Photographer

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You can’t ask for a cuter picture than this, can you? I am so thankful that for the last 2 years I have been the photographer for this family and we have bonded greatly.  They have been busy these last two years! Josie was born in May of 2017 and I was lucky enough to […]

Avery- Denver Newborn Photographer

Denver Newborn Photographer

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Remember this sweet girl from her birth blog a few weeks ago?  Her mama was strong and was able to sucessfully do a VBAC after having a C-Section with her first baby.  If you haven’t read it, hit pause and go check out that post. Oh my heart.  This girl already has me wrapped around […]

Emberly- Denver Newborn Photographer

Denver Newborn Photographer

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